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For an amazing selection of mind mapping features guaranteed to spark your creative thinking, look no further than iMindMap from ThinkBuzan!

Undoubtedly one of the most visually impressive mind mapping applications on offer today, iMindMap has proven to be an extremely popular with members of our community who are looking to develop highly creative mind maps using sophisticated but intuitive software!

Why we like iMindMap...

  • Powerful presentations: The presentation mode within iMindMap is fantastic! Not only can you plan and organise your presentation within the mind map, but you can also deliver visually engaging and memorable presentations direct from within the software!
  • Better brainstorming: Use the unique brainstorming mode to generate ideas quickly and easily, before switching into a mind map for greater exploration and detail
  • Truly mobile mapping: Take your mind maps anywhere with apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You can even view, edit and share mind maps through your browser with iMindMap for Web!

Try iMindMap if...

You’re looking for a creative spark and a highly visual style of mind mapping that will help you blow the audience away at your next presentation!

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Key Facts about iMindMap:

Best for:

  • Professional presentations
  • Flexible brainstorming
  • Research & planning

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