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iMindMap Mind Mapping software from ThinkBuzan

iMindMap is a digital thinking space where you can brainstorm, Mind Map and present your ideas in a new, creative and refreshing way.

iMindMap is the official Mind Mapping software from the inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan. It blends a world renowned process that is used by over 250 million people worldwide, with cutting edge technology and creative design.

Explore a range of innovative features such as freeform Brainstorm View, Branch Art, 3D View, Presentation View and integration with award winning visual task management application, DropTask.

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Adding iMindMap to Biggerplate was one of the easiest and most exciting decisions we have ever had to make! The latest version of the software is a huge leap forward, and represents the best combination of mind mapping principles and computer technology that we have seen.

iMindMap is famous for the natural, organic, hand-drawn style of map that can be created, and this is still among its greatest strengths and most appealing features. The maps look great, and create a level of visual interest and stimulation that is largely unrivalled in the mind mapping world.

The creation of maps in iMindMap is an easy and intuitive process that combines the best parts of mind mapping on paper, with the benefits of computer-based mapping, and the result is a process that is both effective (in terms of engaging the brain) and efficient.

The software now boasts an extensive range of new and sophisticated features that have helped it to become extremely relevant and useful to business users, who are using it to create powerful presentations (check out 3D view for example) and comprehensive project plans, or simply to foster collaborative innovation within teams.

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Key Facts about iMindMap:

Best for:

  • Professional presentations
  • Flexible brainstorming
  • Research & planning
Price: iMindMap Home & Student: £65 / $100
iMindMap Ultimate: £149 / $235

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