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MindGenius mind mapping software

long-time favourite of business users, MindGenius provides an excellent mind mapping application boosted by project management capabilities, and Microsoft Office integration!

With a strong focus on mind mapping for productivity and projects, MindGenius has been one of the most robust and reliable mind mapping software tools on the market for over 10 years, and has built an enviable reputation within the mind mapping community!

Why we like MindGenius

  • Task and Project Management: Numerous features to help you manage tasks, time, teams and projects within one easy to use mind mapping interface, or alternative Gantt view
  • Microsoft Office Integration: Convert your mind map into various outputs quickly and easily using seamless integration features for Microsoft Office
  • Mind Map Import & Export: Import numerous mind map formats into MindGenius, to bring all your mind map content (and lots from Biggerplate) all into one single format

Try MindGenius if...

You’re a Windows user seeking a strong mind mapping application with comprehensive integrations with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Project.

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Key Facts about MindGenius:

Best for:

  • Managing projects
  • Managing meetings
  • Personal productivity
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