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MindGenius is mind mapping software that helps you capture, visualize and manage your ideas and information to gain clarity and understanding, and move to action far more quickly.

MindGenius has many different communities of users including project managers, consultants, and compliance managers, as well as those in a client facing role such as sales and marketing professionals, and MindGenius believes that Biggerplate is a fantastic way for users to connect within and across these different communities.

They say...

Commercially available for 10 years, MindGenius is one of the most robust and reliable mind mapping software tools on the market. The intuitive and easy to use interface, combined with business aligned functionality not only supports creative planning activities but enables users to schedule, communicate, collaborate and complete their projects successfully within MindGenius.

MindGenius Version 4 was released in June 2011 and boasts new ways to brainstorm and present ideas and information, and adds improved analysis, task and project management capabilities that let users develop and deliver more innovative solutions and projects than ever before.

As an added advantage to MindGenius users, the MindGenius import capabilities* offers immediate access to most of the content on Biggerplate.

* MindGenius can currently import MindManager files

We say...

MindGenius has been the trusted choice of numerous small and large businesses for a number of years, and represents a fantastic addition to the Biggerplate library!

The software is extremely easy to get to grips with, and can help you to produce effective and visually appealing maps with a minimum amount of fuss. It is a highly capable mind mapping application supported by a team of extremely customer-focused people who are helping organisations all around the world to integrate mapping into their work processes on a daily basis.

The developers (and users) of MindGenius are strongly focused on Project Management, and we are therefore expecting to see an increase in both quality and quantity of maps in this section of the Biggerplate library. The ability to import maps into MindGenius also means their users can take immediate advantage of the content already available on Biggerplate!

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Key Facts about MindGenius:

Price: Single user Business from £147/ €169/ $235
Academic version from £57/€66/$91
Free trial: Fully functional for 30 days. Download it now!
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