You can now upload XMind maps to the Biggerplate mind map library! We are excited to welcome another great piece of mind mapping software to Biggerplate, and hope that XMind users from around the world will soon be sharing their maps with us and showcasing what this great software is capable of!

They say...

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The world's coolest brainstorming and mind mapping software and the best way to share ideas. The most efficient solution to save your team's time, and power your company.

XMind is both a product and an open source project. XMind’s mission is to create, as a community, the leading international mind mapping and brainstorming software that will run on all major platforms and raise users' work efficiency. The XMind open source project is sponsored by XMind LTD, which is the primary contributor of code to the project. Developers are welcome to work with the XMind project code to improve the overall product, develop new functions, or augment other software products.

XMind Pro is a commercial software package. It incorporates many advanced features that are not available in the basic XMind product, such as Presentation, Audio Notes, Private Sharing, Task Info, Gantt View, Filter, Search and etc. These features bring great advantages for businesses and advanced users. As the flagship product, XMind Pro can empower organizations to inspire creativity, increase efficiency, and gain a solid competitive advantage.

We say...

The addition of XMind to the library is yet another exciting step for Biggerplate, and a testament to a fantastic piece of software that has been making some big waves within the mind mapping world!

XMind has rightly earned a very large and loyal following for itself, as users have been won over by simple design, highly effective functionality, and an extremely competitive pricing model.

The free version offers a level of functionality that would put several paid software providers to shame, and the Pro version adds layers of business-oriented features that further enhance the program’s appeal.

The open source nature of XMind means this software is sure to evolve with the needs and wishes of consumers and developers, which will help to ensure it can continually provide a highly affordable, user-friendly, and extremely effective mind mapping experience for a wide range of user types.

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Key Facts about XMind:

Price: Free 'Basic' version
£35 or $49 for 1 year 'Pro Subscription'
On Biggerplate: Since July 2011
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