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Whether you’re looking for free mind mapping software, or a fully-featured application, we suggest you take a look at XMind!

XMind is a highly popular choice among members of our mind mapping community due to the simple design, ease of use, and continually evolving feature set! You can get a basic version of XMind totally free, and can also upgrade to a PRO account for additional features and functionality!

Why we like XMind…

  • Free mind map software: The free version of XMind is packed with excellent basic functionality to help you get started with mind mapping quickly, easily, and for free!
  • Windows and Mac: Full-featured versions for both windows and mac systems
  • Powerful Pro Features: Unlock fantastic features like brainstorming mode, presentation functionality, and additional export capabilities with a competitively priced PRO upgrade

Try XMind if…

This is your first experiment with mind mapping software, and you want to try a great piece of free mind mapping software before investing in something more advanced

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Key Facts about XMind:

Best for:

  • Free mind mapping
  • Brainstorming
  • Getting organised

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