Planning Dashboard V2 - GTD

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Planning Dashboard V2 - GTD
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Planning Dashboard with GTD. This is the revised version of the planning map I use daily to capture and organize my to-dos, review my Inevitability Thinking answers, and manage the routines (habits) I'm installing.

Here is the same map, but for XMind:

I removed the timeline ('Next Month', 'This Month', 'This Week'), and only kept 'Today'. I found my planning a lot more effective if I keep a list of next actions for the projects I have right now. The credit for that list goes obviously to David Allen and his GTD method (Getting Things Done).

Feel free to add more lists or branches to the map to suit your needs.

Note that the black hand-drawn icons come from the Vector Doodle Kit (

Download the Planning Dashboard V1 (Timeline)...
for MindManager:
for XMind:

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