Managing Projects

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Managing Projects
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Map based on the content of the Managing Projects course taught at the University of Technology, Sydney. Based on the PMBOK methodologies

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Hi, im trying to download on ipad but get a message saying safari cant open the page because the address is not valid. On my laptop i can download the map but cant open it. Each time i try the mindmanager program freezes and needs to close.
Would be good to use however don't think your free trials are good so not going to bother buying.
Very detailed and useful, thanks Karel
Muy buen Dashboard... Gracias
This would be my first download .... always get told that I am not human -:/ .... would be nice to use this template but .....
Hi Nickdj - You are clearly human...! The block is in place because a succession of quick downloads often indicates an automatic web robot is hitting the site downloading anything/everything! Clearly this is not what you're doing, so all you need to do is just wait a few seconds between downloads to avoid seeing the message. It's just a little safety measure to prevent nasty things slowing up the site for real people by initiating thousands of downloads per second! Hope that helps!!!
Keep being informed that I am downloading too fast and cannot be human! The download is then blocked .... I am human :-) .... I have an excellent broadband service ....
The file format should be fine in any version of MindManager after 6. Let us know if you have problems with this.
The format file is not readable by Mindmanager 8.0
The format file is not readable by Mindmanager 8.0
The format file is not readable by Mindmanager 8.0
Detailed and enormously useful - thanks Greg!
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