Website Design and Development - Scoping Guide v.2

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Website Design and Development - Scoping Guide v.2
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About this mind map

This is based on a template that I have developed for use when scoping and planning a web design and development project for SMEs. Using this template ensures that I capture all the essential project and business information which in turn makes it easier to fully understand the requirements, come up with a quote and write the proposal. If you download this map, please come back and rate it! Version 2 - now with pictures!

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This is a great tool. Thanks for your work.
it works for me. Thanks !
excellent stuff Nick... I'd love to see you elaborate on some of the '...not enough room for details' stuff when life opens up a month or so's gap!
Hello I have registered with Biggerplate and have tried to download the free mindmap on website design and scoping V2 but it does not seem to work. Cheers Melissa
Sorry for the broken download. All fixed now...!
Not sure why but this map is not available for viewing or download. Pity.
Download link is dead... Thanks for updating KUTGW
Well, I'm not so good at astrophysics if I'm honest.
Is there anything Nick Carpenter cannot do?

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