Mind Map Training from Biggerplate

Innovative training to help you and your team get the maximum benefit from mind mapping tools and processes!

Biggerplate is a global leader in the mind mapping sector, and we provide practical training to help individuals and organisations get the most out of mind mapping at work.

Our mind map training avoids fluffy theories and pseudo-science, and focuses instead on the daily realities of modern business. We provide solutions that can be immediately put to use, and extensive resources to help reinforce and develop learning further.

Mind Mapping for Business Productivity

The primary focus of our training is the use of mind mapping to improve personal and team productivity at work.

Using a series of practical templates and processes, we'll show you how mind mapping can be used to encourage strategic thinking, improve meetings, enhance collaboration and project planning, and assist with personal organisation and prioritisation.

We aim to provide learning and approaches that can be easily implemented when returning to "real work", with zero disruption to existing processes and systems. Helping participants understand when a mind map is the best tool for the job (and when it is not) is vital in ensuring effective adoption and use of these tools and processes.

Other subjects

Biggerplate delivers mind map training on a range of topics, and can tailor workshops to focus on particular areas of interest to your organisation. Please contact our services team to discuss your requirements.

Delivery Options

In-House Delivery

Bring Biggerplate to your organisation with an in-house workshop for your team. Our training workshops can be effective as single stand alone sessions, or as part of larger organisational programmes.

In-house workshops are priced individually according to client requirements including location for delivery, and the number of people/sessions involved. Please contact our services team at moc.etalpreggib@secivres for a quotation.

Live Webinar Delivery

Organise a private interactive webinar for your organisation, delivered online, and available either as a stand alone session or as an on-going series.

Webinars start from just $99 and can be booked by contacting our services team at moc.etalpreggib@secivres.

Software E-learning Courses

Need training as an individual? Try our range of software e-learning courses to learn on demand, and at your own speed!

Our e-learning courses are easy to follow, and software-specific, and can be purchased online from just $15 for lifetime access. Learn More

Why choose Biggerplate?

No software sales pitch

We don't make or sell software, meaning there's no software sales agenda, and we can instead provide a software-neutral perspective on how mind mapping tools can be used in business contexts, and (equally important) when mind mapping is not the right tool for the job!

Affordable training solutions from an industry leader

Biggerplate is a globally recognised leader in the mind mapping field. Our training is based on our own extensive experience, combined with learning and insights from our global community of over 100,000 mind mappers. The result is practical training and advice, firmly grounded in the realities of modern business life.

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