Biggerplate Unplugged, Berlin 2014

Biggerplate Unplugged: October 2014, Berlin, Germany

Check out the photos and videos from the 5th Biggerplate Unplugged conference that took place in the wonderful city of Berlin!

Selection of images from our most recent mind map conference in the fantastic city of Berlin! Thanks to all those who joined for a great day of discussion, collaboration, and fun!

Posted by Biggerplate on Thursday, 23 October 2014

Speakers and presentations

Liam Hughes (Biggerplate)

The Home of Mind Mapping

In this opening presentation, Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes discusses the goal of becoming the home of mind mapping!

Jeroen Grit (GriDD)

Mind maps for stakeholder input

User experience consultant Jeroen Grit shares his experience of using mind maps to gather, organise, and manage large amounts of stakeholder input for complex website planning and design.

Marco Ossani

Mind mapping for facilitation

Marco speaks about the use of mind mapping in facilitated meetings and workshops, with a consideration of the process, and the respective pros and cons of using a traditional pen and paper approach compared to using mind mapping software.

Christian Foltin (Freemind)

The goals of Freemind

Open source developer Christian Foltin gives us a unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges associated with the development of open-source mind mapping application Freemind, and what the future may hold for this popular software!

Faizel Mohidin (Using Mind Maps Magazine)

The evolution of Using Mind Maps Magazine

Faizel shares his learning, experience and objectives in creating the world's first electronic magazine dedicated entirely to mind mapping, which has proven to be an instant success!

Marion Lercher (Lerchertrain)


Marion showcases her novel approach to creating and cooking traditional Austrian recipes using mind maps!

Lucas Calabro (Mindjet)

Business Mapping vs Mind Mapping

In this presentation, Lucas explores the possible differentiations that could (or perhaps should) be made between traditional mind mapping, and what he terms 'business mapping'.

Jamie MacDonald (MindGenius)

Mind maps for business... are you serious?!

Jamie from MindGenius explores perceptions and obstacles for mind mapping in the business environment, and ways we might help business people to view mind mapping as a serious working tool.

Raphaela Brandner (MindMeister)

Mind mapping: What comes next?

In this presentation, Raphaela explores some of the possible futures for mind mapping, and discusses how MindMeister have begun to experiment and explore some of the most recent technology that could be applied to mind mapping.

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