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Mind Mapping for Software Testing and Development

Date: 01 August 2018 14:00-15:00 (West Africa Time)
Duration: 52 mins
In this webinar Toyer Mamoojee will share how he uses Mind Maps in the Software Development world. Software Testing is crucial in establishing a high level of quality in all software and systems. After being introduced to mind mapping and how it can be used effectively in defining test scenarios/cases, Toyer has found the many benefits from mapping that facilitate better efficiencies within the Agile software development process. Toyer will speak about some of these, including: greater test coverage, greater team collaboration, faster test scenario/case creation, easier reading/understanding due to visual representation, and more time to focus on exploratory testing, automation and non-functional testing.

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About the presenter

Toyer Mamoojee
Toyer Mamoojee is a 'die-hard' passionate QA Tech Lead with almost 15 years testing experience across many industries. From Waterfall to Agile approaches, Commercial to Open Source Automation tools and Manual to Automation Testing he has been through the wars of Software Delivery. He is the co-founder of Cape Town Automation User group and co-organizer of Cape Town Testing Meetup in his home country of South Africa. He currently works for Allan Gray, which is Africa's largest privately owned investment management company focused on generating long-term wealth for investors. In his spare time he loves exploring the great outdoors, taking on the world playing online video games , is a major football fan, adopts the title of technological husband and plays super dad to 2 pre-schoolers! Learn more at his blog

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