Biggerplate Unplugged: San Franciso, USA, 2014

Biggerplate Unplugged: March 20th 2014, San Francisco, USA

View the photos, videos, and presentation materials from the sold out Biggerplate Unplugged mind map conference in San Francisco on 20th March 2014!

VIDEO: Graham Hughes from Biggerplate welcomes attendees to Biggerplate Unplugged in San Francisco, the 4th Mind Map Conference!

Speakers and presentations

Liam Hughes, Biggerplate

Is mind mapping the missing link?

Biggerplate founder Liam Hughes outlines why he believes mind mapping is the missing link for modern information workers (i.e. most of us) and explains how a better understanding of this concept has helped to shape plans and decisions at Biggerplate.

Jamie Nast, Idea Mapping Success

Mind mapping and associative thinking

Mind map expert and author Jamie Nast takes Biggerplate Unplugged attendees through a fantastic interactive exercise to illustrate the associative nature of our brains, and why mind maps help to represent these associations. A great exercise for anyone running mind map training workshops!

Chance Brown, SPX & MindMapBlog

Mind maps for decision making

Chance Brown explores the use of mind maps to aid and enable better decision making, based on better information visibility and filtering.

Mind Maps and the Graphic Keyboard

Mind maps for decision making

Renowned visual expert and author David Sibbet delivers a fantastic presentation looking at where mind mapping fits within the wider context of visual thinking and working. Using his Graphic Keyboard framework, David explores when a mind map might be the best visual approach to use, and when, in fact, it may have limitations.

Michael Deutch, Mindjet

Mind map dashboards for success

Long-term Biggerplate member, and Mindjet Product Director Michael Deutch gives an entertaining and insightful perspective on the use of mind map dashboards to manage work and life in general!

Olin Reams, ConceptDraw

Mind maps for business accomplishment

Olin explores how to use mind maps to competitively move your organization to the next stage of market development, including a consideration of problems that can occur, and restrictions of more traditional methods of collaboration and alignment.

Dave Maxfield, Consumer Law SC

Collect, Organize, Present

Consumer lawyer Dave Maxfield gives attendees a highly entertaining walk through the importance of a clearly constructed argument when presenting your case in any setting, and how a mind mapping approach can support and enable this.

Jim Franklin, CB&I

Mind mapping for project teams

Project manager Jim shares best practice and practical tips for the use of mind mapping software within project teams. Based on his extensive experience with CB&I and in teaching project management principles at UCSD, Jim explains how mind mapping totally shifted his own working habits, and how it can have a positive impact on project scoping, team alignment, and project execution.

Shelley Hayduk & Jerry Michalski, TheBrain Tech

No limits mind mapping

Shelley Hayduk from TheBrain Technologies talks no limits mind mapping through dynamic information visualization using TheBrain, and invites avid user and advocate Jerry Michalski to share his own digital brain with attendees!

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