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Biggerplate Mind Mappers around the world

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Do you feel like a lone mapper in a linear world? Are you the last man or woman standing against the tyranny of poor presentations and average thinking? Have no fear: you’re not alone.

The Biggerplate community is made up of thousands of mind map users from around the world, and slowly but surely, we are taking over.

The map below shows the location of some of our members, and demonstrates that there are other awesome map people out there! Click a pin and you can see the profile and maps of different Biggerplate members!

Why add your location?

  • If there is ever a mind mapping emergency, we’ll know where to find you.
  • As a comfort to lone mappers across the world.
  • Eventually, the red pins might make up a funny picture, or a rude word.
  • It helps other members to find your profile and your maps on

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