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Cabre has been helping businesses and organisations to exploit Mind Mapping software since 2002. We help reduce the time from the bright idea through to publishing the document(s) which document what should happen. These can range from a map with actions on it to a full blown project plan and requirements documents.

We understand that you have a budget, need the software to work across specific platforms and don’t need all the features. We help by advising, supplying and supporting appropriate software. We also know how to create or were to get solutions which are not in the box.

We train users of mind mapping software to drive it efficiently and safely. We will show you how to maximise the software for your use. Our training is interactive, leading trainees from innocence through to competence, at in-house, on-line and public courses.

We work with clients to create dashboards, produce templates, develop processes and manage projects with this software. You will have great overviews of your business, organisation and knowledge. This will enable you to access information rapidly and be able to respond faster to be client, supplier and colleagues’ requests.

You can outsource the recording and publishing of an event to us. Our ConferenceREACTION service will cover anything from an hours speech, a meeting day, a weekend’s boardroom strategy meeting to a multi-stream annual conference. Our point of difference is summarising sessions in mind maps which link to more detailed information e.g. interviews, videos, documents. You can keep it private, make it public or charge for access. Our web records enable:

  • Attendees to remind themselves quickly what happened, use it to brief others and access the detailed information.
  • Attendees and non-attendees to see what they missed and get to further information
  • Encourage post event activity in on-line forums or similar.

Would you like to:

  • Enjoy yourself,
  • Get a different view of the world and
  • Be effective, efficient and safe doing it.

Cabre is a 1920s word meaning “to fly upside down”. Read those last bullets backwards. Let us help you take off and keep flying in the marvellous world of mind mapping software. Imagine drawing a mind map in a Tiger Moth (a bit slow) or a Harrier Jump Jet (rather more versatile) with the smoke turned on!

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