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CreaMatics was founded in 2000 in The Netherlands and provides services for a wide range of organizations. We specialise in:

  • Visual mapping
  • Creative Problem Solving techniques
  • Dialogue
Founder Hans Terhurne is co-author of ‘Innovation by Creativity’ and of ‘Process Mapping’ (sorry, only in Dutch). From his long experience as trainer and facilitator Hans knows that the combination of visual mapping techniques and creativity stimulates the dialogue between participants, generates more involvement and therefor commitment to implement the solution found together.

Training and Facilitation

  • Mind Mapping
    Workshop about the rules, backgrounds and improvement of thinking
  • Process Mapping
    Visualization of your ‘as is’, ‘should be’ and eventually ‘could be’ organization processes for efficiency improvement
  • Crowd Mapping
    Capturing events with small teams or big groups in the form of a map, eventually published on the web
  • Slow Mapping
    Away from the highway now and then to take more time for mapping important organization themes
  • Decision Mapping
    Mapping problems, possible solutions and their plusses and minuses to take a better decision
  • Scenario Mapping
    Mapping of more and less possible future scenarios for your organization to avoid surprises
  • Speed Reading
    How to read faster and more efficient
  • Innovation by Creativity
    Knowing and using the rules, tools and process of Creative Problem Solving
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