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Mind Mapping Software Blog

The Mind Mapping Software Blog is the world's leading source of news, trends, tips, product reviews and tutorials for mind mapping software and apps on all computing platforms, including desktop, web, smartphone and tablet-based visual mapping tools. Published by Chuck Frey, it also covers the principles and practices of visual thinking, which is becoming increasingly important in business today. This blog is widely read by people who want to be more creative, productive and insightful in their work.

Each year, Chuck conducts several surveys of the users of mind mapping software. This provides him with keen insights into how people are using this technology, which he uses to evangelize this technology to the media and businesses around the world. This research also gives him a deep level of understanding of his readers' needs, which he uses to help focus the content of the blog and its value-added services.

Mind Mapping Insider Membership Program

The blog is the home of the Mind Mapping Insider membership program, which is designed to meet the needs of people who want to cultivate an even deeper level of strategic knowledge on how to get the most out of mind mapping software. It includes:

  • Special reports on advanced mind mapping techniques
  • Analyses of mind maps - what's effective and what needs to be improved
  • Video tutorials on how to create advanced mind maps
  • Audio interviews with experts
  • Monthly coaching calls, where members can get their questions answered

Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software

The Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software e-book is the definitive source for tips and best practices to help you supercharge your mind mapping skills. It gathers a wealth of techniques and resources into a single location, including:

  • A list of applications of mind mapping software
  • A collection of productivity-enhancing tips
  • Advanced mind mapping strategies
  • Interviews with mind mapping experts
  • Case histories
  • A comprehensive resource list

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