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World of Minds

World of Minds uses many instruments and methods to help individuals, teams and organisations speed up change processes. We are dedicated to strengthen the thinking and execution power of individuals, teams and organisations.

We’ll make you see the bigger picture without losing the eye for important details and stimulate you to freely associate which enhances creativity and your problem solving ability. We facilitate change processes using live visualisation and interaction in order to get everyone on the same page and building a shared mental model. Finally, we train individuals and teams in these concepts of working so they can sustain themselves.

Everything at World of Minds is aimed at sharing and multiplying knowledge, which is easier to learn and accomplish with intuitive, brain-friendly methods and techniques.

What we offer

World of Minds encourages people to think more effective by supporting thinking processes with specific methods like the Concentric Brainstorming and visualization tools. Visualization of ideas and projects is highly effective. It helps to get everyone on the same page, unlock creativity and creating a fundament for change.

Academy of Minds

Academy of Minds (AoM) is the training portal of World of Minds and its partners.  AoM specialises in training courses which allow you to work smarter (not harder), to speed up change processes and to quickly react to changes by applying the concepts of:

  • Whole Brain Thinking
  • Speeding up of changes in behaviour and creating a fundament for change
  • Strength management (working from your talents, passion and experience)
  • (team) Learning by doing and concentric learning (faster internalisation)
  • Stimulating the individual discovery instead of putting the ego of the trainers first
  • Support sites, webinars, personal coaching and our

Connection of Minds

Connection of Minds (CoM) connects the knowledge and input of the crowd at events and congresses with LiveMindMapping. This is an innovative way to let attendees participate actively in brainstorms, presentations and discussions. Seeing your input directly on a screen generates engagement and elevates the atmosphere of your event.  Not only does it increase the effectiveness of your event, LiveMindMapping makes sure the buzz is still there when it is over. CoM regularly publishes maps of events on Biggerplate.

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