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Consider reviewing situations and challenges from different perspectives with the 6 Thinking Hats method. This map outlines the benefits of doing so.
mindgenius 01 March 2018
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MindGenius Map
Overview free images on with suggestions for mindmap use
peterter 17 July 2014
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iMindMap Map
Timemanagement rules of Covey combined with mindmapping, resulting in time mapping
mastermindmaps 30 July 2011
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iMindMap Map
One of a series of mind maps helping to improve productivity in the workplace. This map focuses on the benefits of additional learning opportunities a…
mindgenius 12 October 2014
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MindGenius Map
Find out how at risk of burnout you are by answering these 15 questions.
mindgenius 24 October 2014
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MindGenius Map
The map contains information (description, price, websites) of 33 add-ins for MindManager.
palmaross 19 January 2015
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MindManager Map
Simple guide to creating meaningful objectives for your project to help ensure success.
barneyhughes 22 June 2015
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MindMeister Map
A blue ocean strategy brings with it considerable barriers to imita- tion. Some of these are operational, and others are cognitive
tfahmy666 11 April 2016
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iMindMap Map
Conjunctive adverbs grouped according to their function.
anna_ferrario 09 March 2015
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iMindMap Map
Comment utiliser l'application Icons8 pour insérer des images pictographiques dans une carte heuristique créée avec XMind.
dendrographe 16 February 2020
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XMind Map
Christian living is a battle within to consider less of ourselves and more of others. Lose self as kingship and place Christ Jesus at the top. An on…
tech_it_steve 30 July 2011
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XMind Map
Summary map of an article written by Rolf Dobelli on giving up reading news.
simtech 13 January 2017
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MindMapper Map


Join this webinar to find out how to apply mind mapping and conduct a coaching session with impact. Support your coachee to see their bigger picture,…
Liz Oseland 15 April 2019
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What would happen to your business and free time if you knew exactly what content (articles, videos etc) you need to create to get more clients easier…
Dimitris Bronowski 11 September 2018
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Mind Maps are great for brainstorming and visualizing an idea and creating the definition of a project. However, the challenge is how to transition t…
Stuart Miller 20 February 2019
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Yogin will share how he and his advisors use mind maps to present Financial Plans and overall communicate with clients in an interesting and engaging …
Yogin Sabnis 10 March 2020
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Delegation is much more than just asking someone to do something. It is a skill and communication is the key to mastering this skill. In this webinar,…
Surbhi Mahnot 06 July 2020
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Hélène Beslard will show you how mind mapping can help you to integrate your long term objectives into your daily life, identify priorities, and manag…
Hélène Beslard 26 July 2017
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Dr Pablo Buitron will be sharing his experience of helping people to understand the causes and mechanisms of their illness through Health Mind Mapping…
Dr. Pablo Buitron 13 December 2018
35% match
What habit would you like to change, that would make a real difference in your life? Most of our behaviour happens on autopilot: our daily routines, i…
Susan Gregory 13 October 2020
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Juliana will show how mind mapping is a great tool for reviewing the eight elements of the wheel of life (finance, personal growth, health, family, re…
Juliana Khalil 15 September 2020
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When mind mapping is seamlessly integrated with Kanban task management, the combined impact significantly improves productivity and tasks efficiency. …
Barry Jenner 19 November 2019
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Join experienced PMP John Rogers (Prismatics Consulting Services) for an introduction to business modelling and strategy through the use of mind mappi…
John Rogers 21 September 2017
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Learn how a time management speaker & coach uses mind mapping for productivity, training, business planning and more. Garland Coulson aka “Captain Ti…
Garland Coulson 29 June 2020
25% match

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Mind Mapping for Successful Habit Change
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