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hrm part 1
destructo 18 December 2014
100% match
iMindMap Map
Looking for a Cool Simple steps to create a successful go to Market Plan? In this map we cover 8 Super Cool Simple steps to create a successful go …
boostyourbusiness 17 November 2015
94% match
MindGenius Map
Business Plan
fiamacho 19 March 2015
88% match
XMind Map
Created by bielsko and designed by XMind.
andygreen 08 January 2013
88% match
XMind Map
Starting a business can be daunting, but with this template you can plan key objectives and visualise your start-up journey effectively from recruitme…
imindmap 27 April 2011
87% match
iMindMap Map
Business plan
rsinha24 29 August 2014
82% match
XMind Map
Identify the key learning aims and formats of assessment, including pre and post assessment objectives.
imindmap 27 April 2011
50% match
iMindMap Map
Mind map template to help you plan a project or piece of work. Consider goals, obstacles, stakeholders, implementation actions and key people.
liamhughes 01 November 2011
48% match
MindGenius Map
Mind map template to help review a project in progress.
liamhughes 03 September 2012
48% match
ConceptDraw Map
Strategic management: differentiation strategy
vinhthien19292 04 October 2013
48% match
iMindMap Map
This is a mindmap lesson plan for a training session on technology to support learners with autism
kevhickey 30 July 2014
48% match
XMind Map
This is my presentation mind map I used during my "Goal Setting with Mind Maps" webinar on 8 January.
liamhughes 13 January 2020
42% match
MindManager Map


Mind Mapping is an organized yet creative way for leaders to align the team around key objectives and make efficient collective progress. In this webi…
Hilary Grosskopf 19 March 2019
100% match
Hélène Beslard will show you how mind mapping can help you to integrate your long term objectives into your daily life, identify priorities, and manag…
Hélène Beslard 26 July 2017
40% match
Join this PRO software session with Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes to learn how iMindMap can help you conduct effective strategic analysis, and devel…
Liam Hughes 16 June 2020
40% match
A key account plan is essential to identify opportunities, improve client relationships, grow revenue, create value and reduce risk. A key account pla…
Warwick Brown 04 December 2019
37% match
To develop an effective marketing strategy you will need to get from a broad vision to the everyday marketing activities. Thomas will show you how usi…
Thomas Dori 29 September 2020
27% match
Dr Andrew Makar explores the vital elements of preparation for a job interview. He offers invaluable tips, examples and a template for compiling key i…
Andrew Makar 04 October 2020
23% match
Delegation is much more than just asking someone to do something. It is a skill and communication is the key to mastering this skill. In this webinar,…
Surbhi Mahnot 06 July 2020
23% match
In this live webinar, we'll explore a practical approach to business planning with MindManager. Whether you're thinking of starting a new business, or…
Liam Hughes 08 July 2020
23% match
Colin will share how he is using mind maps to develop, build and maintain relationships over long periods (up to 3 years) with major global organisati…
Colin Murphy 11 February 2020
23% match
The challenge is to increase website traffic. The key is a strategic SEO plan. Sean Mitton will discuss how Mind Mapping and Search Engine Optimizatio…
Sean Mitton 28 January 2020
23% match
In this webinar, Hilary Grosskopf, author of Awake Leadership, will guide you through a methodical yet creative approach to mind mapping for 3 key lea…
Hilary Grosskopf 16 April 2018
23% match
Adrienne will explore how mind mapping is a key tool in building a successful freelance business. This webinar will be equally valuable for both aspir…
Adrienne Luedeking 10 June 2019
23% match
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