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Created this map very quickly with a client to demonstrate the use of mind mapping software to create other diagrams like org charts to represent the …
LiamHughes 31 July 2015
30% match
Xmind Map
The map shows how an organization chart can be created and how categories and mental connections can be used to support the Myers Briggs methodology.
mindgenius 20 December 2011
28% match
MindGenius Map
Overview of why and how to create structured documents.
techczech 11 February 2016
26% match
Xmind Map
The Process Definition template contains the necessary components to perform simple business process definition tasks. Source: Mindjet For more …
cbrown 28 April 2014
25% match
MindManager Map
The blank Org Chart template allows you to show the structure of your organization.
MindManager 11 May 2022
25% match
MindManager Map
The blank process definition template contains the necessary components to perform simple business process definition tasks.
MindManager 11 May 2022
24% match
MindManager Map
The Process Definition template contains the necessary components to perform simple business process definition tasks.
dmoskow33 08 April 2015
24% match
MindManager Map
Sales process (sales funnel) example expressed visually. The top part that leads to 'First Contact', is the lead generation. I would like to give than…
MattTanguay 08 November 2011
23% match
MindManager Map
Why should you use XMind 7 to create your mindmaps ? Here are some arguments I use for my workshops and conferences
linguafranca 20 December 2015
23% match
Xmind Map
Map outlining some of the steps one should take to ensure their prospective project is justified and know why the project was created in the first pla…
BarneyHughes 22 June 2015
23% match
MindMeister Map
Instead of creating your projected balanced sheet in MS Excel, why not try and make it with a mind map software like iMindQ?
imindq 27 June 2018
23% match
iMindQ Map
A simple template that leverages both a flowchart and a gannt chart.
MindManager 06 May 2022
23% match
MindManager Map


Rosario will show why students of all ages should use mind maps to enable their learning at school and university. She will explain how mind mapping c…
Rosario Peniche 31 March 2022
59% match
Daniel Rasmus will discuss how to use mind mapping to create a syllabus that can easily adapt to different instructional modalities and aid in the con…
Daniel Rasmus 30 March 2023
58% match
For over twenty years, Mark Edwards has used mind maps in various ways in business and personal pursuits. In business, Mark has used mind mapping fo…
Mark Edwards 27 October 2022
44% match
In this session Susan Gregory asks: what habit would you like to change, that would make a real difference in your life? Most of our behaviour happens…
Susan Gregory 13 October 2020
44% match
Warwick Brown believes a key account plan is essential to identify opportunities, improve client relationships, grow revenue, create value and reduce …
Warwick Brown 04 December 2019
44% match
In this webinar, Jim Franklin will share best practices and lessons learned in creating an online course for Project Management. Discover how to use m…
Jim Franklin 09 April 2018
41% match
During this webinar Teg will cover, how to set up the Kanban feature in MindManager 2019, including your personalized board, creating icon groups for …
Tegid Griffiths 14 January 2020
41% match
This webinar will cover the nature of value creating, strategic, resources of an organization and how they can be identified and leveraged to form th…
Mikko Arevuo 25 February 2020
41% match
Mind Maps are great for brainstorming and visualizing an idea and creating the definition of a project. However, the challenge is how to transition t…
Stuart Miller 20 February 2019
41% match
This webinar will explore using mind maps as a powerful tool for creating and compiling business plans, connecting related business unit and departmen…
Graham Hughes 05 August 2019
41% match
Adrienne will explore how mind mapping is a key tool in building a successful freelance business. This webinar will be equally valuable for both aspir…
Adrienne Luedeking 10 June 2019
41% match
In this webinar, Mike Schmitz ( will show how he uses mind mapping software to take notes and create mind map summaries of the books…
Mike Schmitz 17 November 2020
41% match
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