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Use this template to facilitate strategy questions that a company should ask so that stakeholders can be identified and further priorities can be gene…
mindgenius 20 February 2013
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MindGenius Map
Here is a great list of web content “buzz builders” – topic types that are most likely to generate comments, tweets, diggs, links and other forms of a…
electroman 04 November 2011
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MindManager Map
This mind map summarizes the key takeaways from the TEDx Talk "Creative thinking - how to get out of the box and generate ideas" by Giovanni Corazza.
hannah_hill 01 April 2019
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MindMeister Map
This is a mind map that permits one to assemble a Porter Five Forces diagram. This is a useful map for finding out what market forces are impacting yo…
olin_r 03 September 2012
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ConceptDraw Map
Tony Buzan pioneered Mind Mapping, and created guidelines on how to best stimulate creativity and generate ideas. This Map summarises these Mind Mappi…
imindmap 27 April 2011
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iMindMap Map
Kotter's 8-Step Process for Leading Change
mindgenius 02 December 2014
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MindGenius Map
This project management checklist mind map helps you check the justification for your project and so generate the basis for a sound Business Case.
barneyhughes 04 September 2015
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XMind Map
The competency framework described in Core Facilitator Competencies was developed over several years by IAF with the support of IAF members and facili…
merv_pol 09 October 2012
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MindManager Map
The top 5 ways to ENGAGE Stakeholders. Successful Stakeholder Engagement means engaging with a wide range of project stakeholders. These key engagemen…
stakeholdermap 28 July 2017
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FreeMind Map
info map based on Max Planck Institute web page - example of visual knowledge management
wojciechkorsak 28 November 2019
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MindManager Map
Conjunctive adverbs grouped according to their function.
anna_ferrario 09 March 2015
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iMindMap Map
ACCURSED Word Groups (scriptures)
lastdaysminister 27 February 2015
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XMind Map


This webinar explores the three most important uses of mind maps for marketers and shows why collaborative mind mapping should be a cornerstone of eve…
Raphaela Brandner 21 October 2019
A key account plan is essential to identify opportunities, improve client relationships, grow revenue, create value and reduce risk. A key account pla…
Warwick Brown 04 December 2019
Colin will share how he is using mind maps to develop, build and maintain relationships over long periods (up to 3 years) with major global organisati…
Colin Murphy 11 February 2020
This webinar will cover the nature of value creating, strategic, resources of an organization and how they can be identified and leveraged to form th…
Mikko Arevuo 25 February 2020
In our first PRO webinar of 2020, Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes will share his approach for goal setting for the year ahead! This simple approach ca…
Liam Hughes 08 January 2020
This webinar will demonstrate how mind mapping can be used to facilitate an effective analysis of your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, …
Liam Hughes 06 December 2016
In this webinar, Faizel Mohidin (founder: Using Mind Maps Magazine) will discuss his Mind Map to Kanban project which combines Mind Maps with Lean and…
Faizel Mohidin 01 December 2016
In this webinar, Chance Brown (SPX Corporation) will share perspectives and experience in using mind mapping to manage complex projects.
Chance Brown 08 December 2016
In this webinar, Brian Sodl (Navigator Management Partners) will show you how mind maps can be used to develop a clear strategy and execution plan for…
Brian Sodl 19 January 2017
Spoken Arabic is very different from the written language (unlike many other languages). Juliana will share how she trains English speaking people in …
Juliana Khalil 06 April 2020
Helen uses mind maps to help individuals navigate the complexities of separation or divorce, as well as other complex relationship areas. In this webi…
Helen Slater 20 April 2020
Join this PRO software session with Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes to learn a step by step approach to building a Personal Organiser mind map 'dashbo…
Liam Hughes 14 April 2020

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