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Intuition pumps are very effective in making you to think, and it is pioneered by Daniel Dannett. His book "Intuition Pumps" not only deals …
QGethian 06 July 2013
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Xmind Map
This is a mind map template used during our training workshops, where we explore with participants the relative pros and cons of mind mapping with pen…
LiamHughes 02 February 2012
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MindManager Map
The second Tuesday in October every year is now dedicated to Ada Lovelace, the worlds first computer programmer. Although I have a Doctorate in Comput…
Graham0921 10 October 2017
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iMindMap Map
The COMPUTER mind map summary was created by WikiSummarizer application based on the Wikipedia article about COMPUTER. MindManager users can dire…
context 29 July 2011
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MindManager Map
info map based on wikipedia made in Mindjet MindManager
wojciechkorsak 19 May 2020
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MindManager Map
I created this mind map based on the information provided in the Open University online course: Digital Thinking Tools for Better Decision making The…
! 29 April 2020
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FreeMind Map
Ada Lovelace Day (ALD) is an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). It aims to i…
Graham0921 07 October 2018
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iThoughts Map
See all the little known cool computer science projects in the 21st century based on this computer science project mind map template. Feel free to edi…
Edraw_MindMaster 21 July 2020
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EdrawMind Map
This mind map broadly schematizes AutoCAD computers and features.
Tiz 27 February 2022
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SimpleMind Map
This mind map has been created by asking Chat GPT itself the question; "Can you tell me how your mind works as yourself?"
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iMindMap Map
Personal Professional Development LBD (Learning By Doing): First Step In Becoming a Leader know where you want to go "I care because you do"…
Widiyanto 16 July 2011
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Xmind Map


In this webinar Adam will explore how mind maps enable the High-Velocity Productivity mindset. He will consider the practical ways to guide, navigate …
Adam Cherrill 26 January 2021
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I will share my story about how Mind Mapping powerfully changed my life. It proved to be an invaluable tool to help me decide who I am and what I desi…
John Diggs 08 July 2021
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This webinar will explore ways in which mind maps can be applied to different stages of the litigation process from case analysis to negotiation settl…
Magnus Boyd 20 July 2020
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Research by Bain & Company has shown that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. A Rain Group survey found an aver…
Warwick Brown 29 October 2019
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The challenge is to increase website traffic. The key is a strategic SEO plan. Sean Mitton will discuss how Mind Mapping and Search Engine Optimizatio…
Sean Mitton 28 January 2020
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Well planned 'playbooks' can improve productivity by helping you and your team move through repeat/regular tasks quickly and easily. The gains in prod…
Liam Hughes 16 February 2023
35% match
Remote working is increasing, whether that is on-site, on the move or at home. Geography no longer limits us; technologies such as e-mail, file sharin…
Barry Jenner 24 March 2020
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During this webinar Ivan will show how to use Mind Mapping software to help capture, clarify, assign, track and deliver large volumes of work and task…
Iván J. Andrade 15 December 2020
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In this time, when many people work from home, video meetings have become even more important and it is vital to capture what is being shared, discuss…
Alexis van Dam 22 June 2020
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Have you ever imagined doing everything you do in less time? Increasingly, people have been finding it difficult to manage time, information and incre…
Renata Fellini Magalhães 26 May 2021
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Negotiation skills separate those who become great leaders from those who don’t. In fact, a lot of companies offer their most promising employees nego…
Tarek Fahmy 27 April 2021
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