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SCAMPER is a lateral thinking technique that challenges the status quo and helps you explore new possibilities.
graham 11 February 2021
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MindNode Map
Rompiendo el status quo derivado de la pandemia
juanrojas 28 April 2020
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FreeMind Map
Decision Making Biases
tfahmy666 27 December 2016
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iMindMap Map
in Dutch. Template to use for Brainstorming in groups on the assessment/status-check of a project, a team or a proposal
BernardLernout 01 April 2014
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MindManager Map
Here are some questions/exercises to help you brainstorm in relation to your brand. Challenge what you think you know about your brand, and what you t…
LiamHughes 04 January 2012
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iMindMap Map
We all make assumptions. It is human nature. In this summary of the Challenge Assumptions chapter in GRASP The Solution by Chris Griffiths, discover…
emilyvk 14 October 2011
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iMindMap Map
Use this simple mind map template to map out a particular problem, challenge, or idea to think through the different considerations.
biggerplate 15 August 2018
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SimpleMind Map
Simultaneous nursing actions are necessary when a patient's status changes. Do you know what to do?
nursingconceptmapping 24 April 2014
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Xmind Map
Tips on becoming a thought leader, summarized from Jay Abraham's excellent book, The Sticking Point Solution: 9 Ways to Move Your Business From Stagna…
electroman 15 December 2011
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MindManager Map
Learning to Mind Map as an application of Bloom's Psychomotor Domain. Details can be found here:…
UsingMindMaps 28 November 2011
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iMindMap Map
This mindmap was done while I was mentoring my colleague. It's part of our Coaching & Mentoring assignment. So I did one session with her to guide…
ezreenmalek 18 April 2012
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iMindMap Map
Another map made whilst reading Hans Terhurne's book "Innovation by Creativity" Hans talks about ways of approaching a problem with a set…
LiamHughes 02 December 2011
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iMindMap Map


In this session Juan Carlos Abella will identify how Mind Maps are the perfect tool for creating a Life Plan and being able to bring it to life in the…
Juan Carlos Abella 15 December 2022
100% match
Jerry Mings will explore the opportunity to use Mind Mapping to support clients and groups when exploring opportunities and solving challenges. Featur…
Jerry Mings 30 September 2022
98% match
Individuals in organizations spend a sizable percentage of their time in meetings. There are certain common challenges faced by many of us before, dur…
Maneesh Dutt 22 July 2019
94% match
In this webinar, Dr Marco Ossani will briefly present Design Thinking before demonstrating how mind mapping can assist in the critical thinking requir…
Marco Ossani 14 March 2017
89% match
Philippe and Graham will discuss and share innovative and inspiring examples of how people have used mind mapping to enhance and enable visual thinkin…
Philippe Boukobza 29 April 2022
89% match
Mind mapping ignites and organizes your thought-leadership; podcasting brings it to life. In this session, Kirk Lowe shares why he thinks mind mapping…
Kirk Lowe 27 May 2022
89% match
Ongoing challenges, a heavy workload, and competing priorities drain your energy and leave you with little left for creative thinking. Feeling stretch…
Nina Pearse & Celia Falkenberg 29 April 2022
85% match
A scientist and corporate Executive turned Business Consultant, Marco has worked with startups, established Corporations and Institutions to forge a n…
Marco Ossani 29 April 2022
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Learn how to use mind maps to take and organize notes, manage information, and enhance your thinking and learning. Featuring MindMeister
Toni Krasnic 14 October 2018
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In this webinar, creative and strategic thinking expert Jayne Cormie (The Thinking Business) will share tips and techniques to help you improve your b…
Jayne Cormie 30 January 2018
78% match
Celia Falkenberg will show us how to harness visual thinking to see what others miss and supercharge our mind maps. Visual processing is one of our br…
Celia Falkenberg 27 April 2023
78% match
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic," wrote Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, the famous author of science fiction. Generat…
Philippe Boukobza 25 May 2023
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