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Mind Maps

Family Shared Document for Capturing and Collaborating on Ideas
krowdrah 06 August 2020
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iThoughts Map
10 ways mind maps help us manage information: collect, analyze, organize, connect, visualize, understand, apply, collaborate, present, and share.
tonikrasnic 04 November 2012
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ConceptDraw Map
All about mindmap. how to use it. how to clarify an idea. How to create a new file in mindjet
kaisbs 18 August 2016
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MindManager Map
Let's collaborate on this mind map for Skopje workshop in February? 04 December 2016
61% match
XMind Map
Use MindMapper and enjoy the benefits that come with it.
simtech 13 May 2019
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MindMapper Map
Based on The Thomas–Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)
tfahmy666 16 February 2015
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iMindMap Map
This Mind Map is an extension of our logo, where the people coming together to collaborate in education join hands in the the ten core values of our c…
collaborated 02 April 2013
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iMindMap Map
A mind map with some simple questions to help stimulate/progress brainstorming sessions. A god way for consultants/facilitators to enable effective br…
liamhughes 01 November 2011
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MindGenius Map
quick fire map done on the ipad based on John C Maxwells book How Successful people think to pull out the key points (from my perspective)
nialljd 03 November 2011
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iMindMap Map
Here are some questions/exercises to help you brainstorm in relation to your brand. Challenge what you think you know about your brand, and what you t…
liamhughes 04 January 2012
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iMindMap Map
A Book Summary of the book co-authored by Saurabh Mukherjea and Anupam Gupta
ymsabnis 24 November 2020
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iMindMap Map
In this session Eddie Obeng explores the social (behaviour) challenges in a world where we cannot learn fast enough, do not naturally trust, yet have …
pmosig 23 October 2015
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MindManager Map


Brian will show how he introduces mind mapping to clients before a strategic planning session. He will explore some of the strategic planning scenario…
Brian Clark 04 September 2019
100% match
Managing and sharing knowledge in the corporate and media arenas is a substantial challenge. Jürgen will share how to capture and manage knowledge for…
Jürgen Scheurer 09 February 2021
100% match
Remote working is increasing, whether that is on-site, on the move or at home. Geography no longer limits us; technologies such as e-mail, file sharin…
Barry Jenner 24 March 2020
90% match
A coaching engagement is a dynamic process that requires the organization of many inputs and outputs for a successful outcome. One of the ways to st…
Yohan Sohn 05 November 2019
66% match
Mind Mapping is an organized yet creative way for leaders to align the team around key objectives and make efficient collective progress. In this webi…
Hilary Grosskopf 19 March 2019
66% match
Experienced Project Manager Jim Franklin (CB&I) shares methods to improve project planning with mind maps.
Jim Franklin 21 February 2017
39% match
Consultant Ecio Leme will share his experience on how to have more effective meetings using mind maps.
Ecio Leme 01 August 2017
35% match
In this webinar, Manel Heredero (Evoca) will share learning and perspectives on the use of mind mapping to build, leverage, and retain organisational …
Manel Heredero 01 November 2016
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In this webinar, Chance Brown (SPX Corporation) will share perspectives and experience in using mind mapping to manage complex projects.
Chance Brown 08 December 2016
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A chance for PRO members to learn about recent progress and upcoming projects at Biggerplate, with a chance to share questions and feedback!
Liam Hughes 02 October 2018
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Yogin will share how he and his advisors use mind maps to present Financial Plans and overall communicate with clients in an interesting and engaging …
Yogin Sabnis 10 March 2020
34% match
Colin will share how he is using mind maps to develop, build and maintain relationships over long periods (up to 3 years) with major global organisati…
Colin Murphy 11 February 2020
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