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This simple map offers a path to undertaking a diagnosis of an organisation. It is a great tool for strategic planning workshops, retreats, business t…
brianclark 10 July 2015
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MindManager Map
Exploring to write my own bio/cv on a mind map version. Really cool and fun to do using iMindmap. You can give different meanings with the new branche…
emonterog 04 November 2014
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iMindMap Map
Aphorisms (Quotations) are condensed words of wisdom and can be wonderful inspirations and motivators. They each contain a general truth, make a powe…
besuccessful 22 May 2016
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MindGenius Map
This is a blank template. The subtopics are organized to the right of the central topic.
tinmyo 16 November 2017
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MindManager Map
Developing a New Organisational Culture.
Allawishus 15 May 2013
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MindManager Map
Main ingredients of CreaMatics are: - Business Mapping, - Dialogues and - Creative Problem Solving techniques.
HansTerhurne 27 April 2011
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MindManager Map
Article by Josée Lemoine Vision and Mission statements provide direction, focus, and energy to accomplish shared goals. Values express the int…
simtech 18 February 2019
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MindMapper Map
Leaders understand the importance of shared values.
b9dhazel 17 June 2020
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iMindMap Map
It consists of 4 maps: - General Map where to put goal, tools, people, etc. - Document and Requirements - Budget - Timeline I think it could be a…
CristianoDiCarlo 21 April 2019
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Xmind Map
Collecting ideas for a new approach to my website.
ProfessionalOutsider 12 September 2013
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MindManager Map
This map is a sum up of the main ideas of the Chapter 3 of G. Kawasaki's book, The Art of Enchantment.
Signos 23 August 2011
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MindManager Map
Summary of key factors to consider when formualting an end-to-end Corporate Strategy
Atsmith 17 June 2011
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MindManager Map


Using recent data insights from website and community as the start point, Liam Hughes (Founder: Biggerplate) chats with Indian mind ma…
Biggerplate 29 June 2023
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Mind Maps are great for brainstorming and visualizing an idea and creating the definition of a project. However, the challenge is how to transition t…
Stuart Miller 20 February 2019
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In this webinar, Brian Sodl shows how mind maps can be used to develop a clear strategy and execution plan for teams and organisations. Brian shows ho…
Brian Sodl 19 January 2017
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In this PRO webinar, we'll explore the ways MindManager can be used to support you in implementing the David Allen "Getting Things Done (GTD)" approac…
Liam Hughes 13 August 2020
88% match
In today's dynamic business landscape, clarity of thought and precision in execution are paramount. In this video Kevin (Sully) Sullivan demonstrates …
Kevin Sullivan 28 September 2023
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Daniel Rasmus will discuss how to use mind mapping to create a syllabus that can easily adapt to different instructional modalities and aid in the con…
Daniel Rasmus 30 March 2023
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To develop an effective marketing strategy you will need to get from a broad vision to the everyday marketing activities. Thomas will show you how usi…
Thomas Dori 29 September 2020
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I will share my story about how Mind Mapping powerfully changed my life. It proved to be an invaluable tool to help me decide who I am and what I desi…
John Diggs 08 July 2021
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Adrienne will explore how mind mapping is a key tool in building a successful freelance business. This webinar will be equally valuable for both aspir…
Adrienne Luedeking 10 June 2019
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In this time, when many people work from home, video meetings have become even more important and it is vital to capture what is being shared, discuss…
Alexis van Dam 22 June 2020
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This webinar explores the three most important uses of mind maps for marketers and shows why collaborative mind mapping should be a cornerstone of eve…
Raphaela Brandner 21 October 2019
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This webinar will cover the nature of value creating, strategic, resources of an organization and how they can be identified and leveraged to form th…
Mikko Arevuo 25 February 2020
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