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Mind-map with things that every marketing plan should contain.
imindq 30 July 2013
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iMindQ Map
As an entrepreneur, or as the leader of a business, it is extremely important to take time every now and then to think about the business you are tryi…
liamhughes 18 April 2013
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iMindMap Map
In this interactive workshop session, delegates discussed the future of PMO and social communities in the project world.
pmosig 23 October 2015
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MindManager Map
A summary map of articulating a vision by Jim Collins.
yohan 26 June 2019
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MindMapper Map
This is a summary of the vision of China's new prime minister, Li Keqiang
tfahmy666 18 March 2013
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iMindMap Map
This mind map could be useful to anyone who might need to know more about a person e.g useful as a check list for an interviewer during a job intervie…
richtwf 26 September 2014
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iMindMap Map
Future Time - Summary
englishdep 20 December 2015
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iMindMap Map
Use this Business Plan mind map template to gather together all of the key pieces of information required for a comprehensive business plan. Whether y…
biggerplate 01 March 2021
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Inspiration Map
Basic guidelines on developing your new business and planning for the future.
barneyhughes 08 June 2015
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MindMeister Map
Taken from ‘Your Business Your Future’, this sample maps contains 7 pillars that a business should put in place in order to achieve its potential.
mindgenius 05 March 2013
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MindGenius Map
Creating one page business plan with Pete Wilkinson 1-3-5 template
graham 27 November 2019
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MindNode Map
How to achieve high growth in your small business. The steps and secrets. Please visit for more information.
cgates 21 December 2011
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MindManager Map


In this live webinar, we'll explore a practical approach to business planning with MindManager. Whether you're thinking of starting a new business, or…
Liam Hughes 08 July 2020
100% match
To develop an effective marketing strategy you will need to get from a broad vision to the everyday marketing activities. Thomas will show you how usi…
Thomas Dori 29 September 2020
73% match
Facilitation is the unique opportunity to work with a client, identify a group, and build a plan that will enable the group to find a new opportunity,…
Jerry Mings 01 December 2020
60% match
A Strategic Plan is an opportunity for a group, organization or collection of organizations to think about the future. A framework to guide the planni…
Jerry Mings 13 April 2021
60% match
In this webinar, Hilary Grosskopf, author of Awake Leadership, will guide you through a methodical yet creative approach to mind mapping for 3 key lea…
Hilary Grosskopf 16 April 2018
51% match
Mind Maps are great for brainstorming and visualizing an idea and creating the definition of a project. However, the challenge is how to transition t…
Stuart Miller 20 February 2019
51% match
In this webinar, Mike Schmitz ( will show how he uses mind mapping software to take notes and create mind map summaries of the books…
Mike Schmitz 17 November 2020
47% match
This webinar will explore using mind maps as a powerful tool for creating and compiling business plans, connecting related business unit and departmen…
Graham Hughes 05 August 2019
45% match
This webinar will help sales professionals or entrepreneurs understand how to use mind maps for Account Planning in a business-to-business sales conte…
Suleiman Shaibu 03 April 2019
40% match
Many businesses have had to change their employee working practices strategy in light of the COVID19 pandemic. This webinar is designed to help busine…
Suleiman Shaibu 06 October 2020
40% match
What would happen to your business and free time if you knew exactly what content (articles, videos etc) you need to create to get more clients easier…
Dimitris Bronowski 11 September 2018
40% match
This webinar will demonstrate how mind mapping can be used to facilitate an effective analysis of your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, …
Liam Hughes 06 December 2016
36% match
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