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SWOT analysis is one of the simplest and most effective business frameworks in use today, and yet is often conducted poorly, with little sense of the purpose or desired outcomes. Our SWOT mapping workshops will help your team conduct a thorough analysis of your business situation using powerful mind mapping software and expert facilitation.


This innovative workshop helps your team think strategically about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that currently exist in your organisation, and identify priority areas for attention and action.


The primary outcome is a single digital mind map representing the complete SWOT analysis. This is constructed live during the session from the team inputs, with the facilitator using the mind map to develop, clarify, and prioritise the perspectives as they emerge.

Your team will then have a comprehensive visual summary of the current business situation, which serves as a plan of action, a reminder of priorities, and a means of communicating key issues to others.

Most importantly, your people will be clearer on the shared issues, aware of differing perspectives, and aligned in their understanding of the current strategic priorities.


The facilitated SWOT workshop can be delivered as a half or full day session. The workshop can be effective as a single stand alone session, a repeated quarterly series, or as part of a larger organisational programme.

The SWOT workshops are delivered by members of the Biggerplate facilitation team. Our team have extensive experience in facilitating business meetings and workshops around the world, at all business levels, and in a highly diverse range of industries.

Biggerplate services are available to clients around the world, and though our delivery is primarily focused in the UK and USA, we are continually expanding our services in other regions to better support our global member community.


Biggerplate workshops are priced individually according to client requirements including location for delivery, and the number of people/sessions involved. Please contact our services team for a quotation.

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