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Free mind map templates and examples for English students: Essay planning, grammar and punctuation, writing styles and more!

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English Irregular Verbs for revision. I just noticed that this mind map is the highest rated of all mind maps and the most viewed in Education. Thank…

By jonlewis. Views: 68452 Downloads: 5591
160 | 5
iMindMap Map iMindMap Map

sentences, linking words, estructure most used to write an essay in English

By mtlc2001. Views: 24707 Downloads: 1853
57 | 1
iMindMap Map iMindMap Map

This mind map gives a comprehensive overview of verbs and tenses used in the English language. Examples have also been given to show the learner the f…

By richtwf. Views: 43926 Downloads: 1724
37 | 1
iMindMap Map iMindMap Map

This colour-coded English language teaching and reference mind map presents the main English verb tenses in a clear, engaging format. There is also…

By grimfarmer. Views: 13519 Downloads: 691
26 | 2
iMindMap Map iMindMap Map

This mind map briefly illustrates the eight parts of speech which make up English Grammar. I hope it will give you a simple overview of grammar in the…

By richtwf. Views: 19336 Downloads: 643
21 | 0
iMindMap Map iMindMap Map

Mind map on seven methods you can use everyday to improve your grammar, including hyperlink to resources.

By catherinefranz. Views: 35820 Downloads: 1829
20 | 0
MindManager Map MindManager Map

The tenses (English) with definitions, structure and usage examples written in the notes.

By pbelgium. Views: 12943 Downloads: 523
20 | 0
iMindMap Map iMindMap Map

Useful phrases and vocabulary for writing business letters

By imindq. Views: 5973 Downloads: 346
16 | 0
iMindQ Map iMindQ Map

The eight parts of speech with examples on usage.

By conceptdraw. Views: 10016 Downloads: 201
13 | 0
ConceptDraw Mindmap ConceptDraw Mindmap

Modal verbs show ability, necessity and ask for permission. Examples of modal verbs have been given and examples of sentences to demonstrate their use…

By richtwf. Views: 21417 Downloads: 340
11 | 0
iMindMap Map iMindMap Map
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Items 1 to 10 of 244

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