Mind Mapping for Project Management

Mind mapping can be an invaluable addition to the project management toolkit. Learn how mind mapping can support project planning, work breakdown structure, project reporting, and lessons learned processes!

Featured Project Management Mind Map Templates

Here are some of our favourite project management mind map templates and examples!

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Xmind project planning mind map
Project Plan Template
This mind map template is perfect for early stage project planning, and can be used to monitor progress as the project progresses.
Scope Statement Mind Map
Scope Statement Template
Download this free mind map template to help you construct a complete Scope Statement for your project.
Project Charter Template
Create a comprehensive Project Charter with this mind map template.
Project Status Report Template
Energise your project status reporting using this free mind map template.
Lessons Learned Template
Make sure key lessons are identified and actioned with this lessons learned mind map template
Staying Agile: 5 Best Practices
Learn the principles in this helpful mind map to ensure your project team can stay agile!

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Featured Project Management Webinars

Here are some of our favourite PRO Webinar recordings to demonstrate how you can use mind mapping for project management at all levels!

Mind Mapping for Project Planning
Jim Franklin explores the use of mind mapping software to improve early stage project planning.
Jim Franklin
Mind Mapping for Project Status Reporting
Mark Pohlmann shows you how mind mapping can be used for improved project status reporting
Mark Pohlmann
Mind Mapping Across the Project Lifecycle
In this PRO webinar, Andy Makar shares how he uses mind mapping across every stage of the full project lifecycle
Andy Makar

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