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Biggerplate is the global home of mind mapping Templates, Tutorials, and Training!

We help individuals and organisations gain maximum benefit from mind mapping tools and techniques. We do not make or sell mind mapping software, but provide great resources to help you get MORE from mind mapping...

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Explore and download thousands of FREE mind map templates from our library, saving you time, and inspiring your creativity!

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Learn practical tips and techniques with mind mapping tutorial videos shared by the Biggerplate team and members of our community!

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Bring Biggerplate mind map training to your organisation to improve your creativity, productivity, collaboration and more! Online, on-site, and blended options available.

Our Company

Biggerplate.com is based in London, in the UK. Here are some things you might like to know:

A Global Community

The heart of Biggerplate is our member community, of more than 100,000 members from around world!

Basic membership at Biggerplate is FREE, and allows you to upload and download mind maps. You can also upgrade to PRO Membership to access mind mapping webinars, tutorials, special offers and more!

Family Owned

Biggerplate is owned and managed by Liam and Graham Hughes. Liam had the idea for Biggerplate in 2006 after experiencing the benefits of using mind mapping software at University. He needed help. So he asked his dad. Graham is his dad. They get on pretty well.

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Our Story

Biggerplate.com was founded in 2006, and has (slowly) grown into the leading independent resource for mind mapping in the world.

Here are a few key moments from the story so far...

2006 - Liam gets a degree (just), and has an idea...

Liam is a useless student, in his second year at university. He is having lots of fun, but forgets to study. Exams approach in just over 2 weeks, and Liam is doomed. If Liam fails exams, he will be politely asked to leave the splendid education institution that he is part of.

Luckily, Liam's dad Graham knows some stuff, and suggests mind mapping software might be helpful for studying. Historians are still unsure why Graham left it so late to share this particular bit of advice...

In last ditch attempt to pass exams, Liam mind maps everything, hoping that something will stick in his brain. You can even see some of these mind maps by visiting Liam's Biggerplate profile

Mind mapping miracle: Liam passes exams.

Villagers rejoice, angels sing, and Liam has an idea: what if there was a website where students could find and download academic information in a mind mapping software format that allows them to edit, adapt, and expand for their own learning? He liked this idea. Unfortunately Liam knows nothing about building websites, and is easily distracted.

January 2008 - we have a website!

Biggerplate.com goes live, and basing our entire business and marketing strategy on wisdom from Kevin Costner films, we assume that simply by building a website, people will come.

We sit and watch the Google Analytics to see how quickly we start getting millions of visitors in the immediate hour after switching on the website (this actually happened)

After sitting for over an hour, and seeing nothing, we realise there might be more to this than just putting a website online. We go to bed... cursing Kevin Costner.

January 2018: Biggerplate celebrates 10 years of survival!

Amazingly, in January 2018, we celebrated 10 years of being alive as a website. We celebrate with this single photograph and a cup of tea. No tequila was consumed.

We'll fill the rest out soon... there's work to be done!

We'd love to share more of this story, but we're really busy, so it'll be gradual. Check back every hour, of every day, to see the next updates... maybe.

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