About Us

Biggerplate was founded in 2008 with one simple goal: To become the global home of mind mapping.

We believe mind mapping is the missing link and the must-have tool for modern workers in business and education.

Our mission is to encourage and enable wider adoption of mind mapping around the world, by showcasing how real people are using mind maps to improve their working and learning. We do this through the mind map library and community at Biggerplate.com.

Our mind map library contains thousands of free mind map templates and examples to show you how real people from around the world are using mind maps every day. We invite you to join us today for free, and start sharing your own mind map creations with our global community!

Our Values

In all we do, Biggerplate works according to six simple values that guide us:

  • Connections

    We believe that building strong, meaningful, agenda-free relationships with mind mappers around the world will bring huge and continuous benefit to our organisation.
  • Learning

    We believe that the best organisations are learning organisations, and we therefore prioritise continuous and broad learning on an individual, team, and organisational level.
  • Loyalty

    We believe in building and rewarding loyalty by ensuring genuine mutual benefit for our customers, staff, suppliers, and community members.
  • Sustainability

    We believe in the value of building a sustainable long-term business that can survive and thrive for thirty years or more. We’re not interested in making a quick buck, or “exit strategies”. We’re not going anywhere.
  • Truth

    We believe it is vital to seek out and confront the true realities of our business, and the world of mind mapping. We never hide from the facts, no matter how unpleasant or challenging they may seem.
  • Youth

    We believe in the value of engaging, recruiting and developing young talent for the future, regardless of whether we stand to benefit directly, immediately, or indefinitely.

Getting started

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