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Mind Mapping Events

Check out some of the fantastic mind mapping events hosted by Biggerplate and other organisations throughout the year, and around the world!

Biggerplate events:

Biggerplate Business Club Webinars:


Creating Impactful Stories Using Mind Maps

15 November 2018 15:00-16:00 (London, UK Time)
PRO Webinar

How can you use Mind Maps when creating a story for a presentation, a video or even an infographic? In this webinar, Nicky Meijer (GriDD) shares a successful method using the power of Mind Maps to capture information in a structured yet flexible way and combine this with a visual Effective Story Canvas.


MindManager Software Spotlight

05 December 2018 16:00-17:00 (London, UK Time)
PRO Webinar

Join this Biggerplate webinar to hear the latest from MindManager Product VP Michael Deutch, who will show us what's new with MindManager 2019, and answer questions from our PRO community!


Mind Mapping in Medicine

13 December 2018 07:00-08:00 (Eastern Time, USA)
PRO Webinar

Dr Pablo Buitron will be sharing his experience of helping people to understand the causes and mechanisms of their illness through Health Mind Mapping (HMM), including results from his study that included adult patients with uncontrolled type 2 Diabetes from a primary care clinic. Pablo will discuss the potential benefits of using health mind mapping in patient care.


Mind Mapping for Project Management (Overview and Framework)

22 January 2019 18:00-19:00 (Central European Time)
PRO Webinar

This is the first of three webinars exploring the benefits and advantages of using mind mapping to manage project management processes. In this webinar Markus Kopko will offer an overview of how he uses mind mapping and combines it with his MP4PM Framework to manage daily project work.

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