Reliable Mobile Sync Conflict Resolution

Reliable Mobile Sync Conflict Resolution
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Reliable Mobile Sync Conflict Resolution

example MindMap UI of Reliable Conflict Resolution
Goal: Consistency Recoverability Mobile Sync Conflict

Original text

Title 2: Consistency Recoverability Mobile Sync Conflict Resolution Requirement
Title 1: Predictability/ Stability Recoverability and Consistency in IOS MindMeister Synchronisation


I am enjoying your products :)

I would like to see sync to merge accurately with existing online data when conflicted MindMap version exists.

Since each idea node have all different identities they could sync even if the 2 maps have been edited at different time. (Example when I get back from the mountain and sync and someone did edited few nodes)

There could be 2 stories then :
1. Case : It was 2 différents nodes of the MindMap hierarchy conflict so MindMap data merge by adding the non existing node or changes to the online one (that the easy one)
2. Case : The same node hierarchy was edited - I would see Reliability quality increasing by Havijg the conflict resolved inside the MindMap (by seeing 2 nodes(and child hierarchy) with one saying (conflicted ). We would be having the whole 2 hierarchies in the map and could choose to resolve manually by either deleting one hierarchy or moving nodes from one to the other. It would make the app more responsive.


I found a workaround by systematically reloading the MindMap from the server when I start editing on my mobile.
Though i have to restart the app because the UI froze :
I have filmed a video stating this limitation :
This is still limiting me have online connection.

Thanks for your consideration.
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