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Mind Mapping in Mediation and ADR

Date:: 01 September 2020 | 13:00-14:00 (Eastern Time, USA)
Duration: 60 mins
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Parties use alternative dispute resolution to resolve legal disputes and courts may even order litigants to participate in mediation. ADR pros can use mind mapping to help litigants develop settlement options, analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their cases, draft agreements, evaluate settlement offers, and in numerous other ways. Retired judge and veteran mediator Rich Vitaris will show how he uses mind mapping to help parties settle their legal and other disputes. Featuring: MindManager
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Rich Vitaris
Rich was an administrative judge for 28 years with the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board, an independent agency within the U.S. Federal Government which adjudicates employment law disputes between the U.S. Government and its 2 million civilian employees. Since retirement, Rich writes and lectures on US civil service law and is a registered mediator with the Georgia state courts where he uses mind mapping to help litigants resolve their disputes.

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