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Mind Mapping for Successful Habit Change

Date:: 13 October 2020 | 12:00 pm (Eastern Time, USA and Canada)
Duration: 60 mins
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In this session Susan Gregory asks: what habit would you like to change, that would make a real difference in your life? Most of our behaviour happens on autopilot: our daily routines, interactions and decisions. These habits in turn create our results. Let's use Mind Maps to explore how you can create habits that help you be your best. Susan will show you how to identify the new habits that will serve you, use Mind Mapping to make a six-factor plan to change anything, and discover life hacks, like the 20-second rule, to make it easier to change. Featuring Mural
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Susan Gregory
Susan is the founder of Best Work Yet, a training and facilitation company based in Canada. She’s a master trainer, Co-Active trained coach, meeting facilitator and certified change management practitioner. Susan is famous for using Mind Maps in her sessions. She loves travelling and is a ruthless Carcassonne player.

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