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Understanding Shakespeare with Mind Maps

Date:: 17 November 2020 | 8.30am (Eastern Standard Time)
Duration: 60 mins
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As well as being an amazing storyteller, Shakespeare was a master of the English language. Shakespeare belongs to everyone. He was writing for everyone. That’s the reason why Shakespeare’s theatre is called The Globe. In this webinar Graham will delve into the ways mind mapping can enable us to get more acquainted with and understand Shakespeare’s work, whether it be for school, University or just for fun. This webinar is part of ReadWriteMap - the virtual event for reading, writing and mind mapping on 17 November! Visit Biggerplate.com/ReadWriteMap
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Graham Smith
Graham is a lecturer within Higher Education, with expertise and experience in a variety of areas, including English Language Instruction, Academic English Writing. His teaching methods include lectures, seminars, tutorials, Mind Maps, practical demonstrations, fieldwork and e-learning. He is a member of the Chartered College of Teaching, Internet Society. Graham is currently researching to contribute to the wider research activities of the English Language, Literature and Artificial Intelligence usage in Education. He is a Certified Mind Mapper from Biggerplate having used Mind Mapping techniques for over 20 years in both Business and Education.

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