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Kickstart Creative Thinking with Mind Maps

Date:: 12 January 2021 | 6.00pm (Johannesburg/Cape Town time)
Duration: 60 mins
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Ignite your creativity for the new year with this eye-opening, inspiring webinar on creative thinking and mind mapping. Find fresh, creative approaches to business and life and find out about how powerfully your brain is designed for creativity. This webinar will use mind mapping to give you practical steps to develop your creative mindset and toolset. Come be inspired to take creative action and walk away with a clear process for your creativity development journey.
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Nina Pearse & Celia Falkenberg
Nina Pearse and Celia Falkenberg are co-founders of Creativity Wake-Up. They offer individuals and businesses creative thinking and innovation training through their courses, coaching and consulting. Nina is a dynamic and creative facilitator with a passion for inspiring people and teams to develop in their personal and collective capacities. She has a business finance and management consulting background. Celia is a professional architect and draws on her design thinking experience in her work as a creativity practitioner.

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