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Mind Mapping for a Master’s Degree

Date:: 15 June 2021 | 6.00pm (Turkey time)
Duration: 60 mins
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In this webinar Tuba will share her own mind mapping journey and how she uses mind maps (with examples) to aid her study. She will explore how mind maps contribute holistically to learning through synchronising the left and right sides of the brain. She will offer insights on how to mind map and the multiple uses of mind mapping in life as well as education. Tuba will recommend books and further reading for enabling mind mapping skills. Featuring: iMindMap
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Tuba Kızılkan
Tuba Kızılkan was born and raised in İzmir, Turkey. She is an English Language and Literature graduate and has a BA in International Affairs. She has been working as an English teacher for about 20 years. She is a student coach and an NLP Practitioner working with K-12 and teenagers as well as adults. She is studying for a master’s degree in English Language Teaching at Ahmet Yesevi University. She is researching in many academic fields including Astronomy, History, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Antrolopology, and Cultures. Tuba has enjoyed creating mind maps on Linguistics, Education and other research topics.

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