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Designing Podcasts with Mind Maps

Date:: 27 July 2021 | 8.00am (San Francisco time)
Duration: 36 mins
PRO Content
In this webinar Jim Lauria will show how he used mind mapping to develop a successful podcast by: Identifying the right partners, differentiating yourself from other related podcasts, determining your format, planning your guest list, promoting on various platforms, and evaluating what constitutes success.
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Jim Lauria
Jim Lauria is the Vice President of Mazzei Injector Company, a fluid design company that manufactures mixing and contacting systems for a wide range of water treatment applications. He has been a leader in the water industry for over 20 years. He has traveled the world benchmarking and documenting the best global water management practices. Jim has published features and cover articles for most of the leading water industry publications in the U.S. and many top international magazines. His blog posts have received accolades from all levels of industry and government. He co-hosts the Water Online sponsored podcast Water We Talking About? With Adam Tank of Transcend Water. Jim lives in San Francisco with his wife, Laurie Lauria, who fills his life with love, laughter and alliteration.

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