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Why Teachers Must Mind Map

Date:: 31 March 2022 | 10.30am (London, UK time)
Duration: 60 mins
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Based on her 12 years of experience in teaching and mentoring youth, Subra strongly believes in the need to redefine the way the teaching-learning process takes place. She believes what we need is not just knowledge, but the tools and frameworks to leverage that knowledge and deliver our best as teachers. Hence she strongly advocates the use of Mind Mapping by Teachers and eventually the students. During the session, she will share how Mind Mapping has helped her and many of her mentees (who are teachers in high schools and colleges) in curriculum design, lesson planning, evaluation, presentations, story-telling, brainstorming, report submission, etc. Featuring MindMeister
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Dr Subra Mukherjee
Dr. Subra Mukherjee, the Founder of Map Ur Mind Community. She is a researcher, writer, consultant, teacher and mentor with a passion for spreading knowledge of mind mapping, particularly in the field of education. She has extensive experience in mind mapping uses, such as teaching and learning with mind maps and exploring and understanding Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. She has published articles in science magazines and 17 research papers in International Journals, presented at conferences and completed specialist scientific research (and her PhD) in the areas of optical sensors, opto-electronics and fiber optics. Subra is a keen observer and explorer of different dimensions of Human Psychology.

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