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Why Students Should Mind Map

Date:: 31 March 2022 | 3.00pm (London, UK time)
Duration: 60 mins
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Rosario will show why students of all ages should use mind maps to enable their learning at school and university. She will explain how mind mapping can unlock the learning power of our brain. She will also provide details about all the benefits and advantages students can get using this wonderful study technique. Featuring iMindMap
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Rosario Peniche
Rosario is a Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor (TBLI) since 2015, but has been teaching Mind Maps for 18 years. She is passionate about Education and Learning Techniques that can help students develop and increase major thinking skills. She is the founder of Mente Infinita in Puebla, Mexico, and delivers in person and online workshops for children, teenagers and adults in Mind Mapping , Mnemonics and Lateral Thinking. Rosario wishes to continue spreading mental literacy not only in her country (Mexico), but also in other Spanish speaking countries throughout the globe.

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