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Playbook Planning with Mind Maps

Date:: 16 February 2023 | Start 09.30 PST, 12.30 EST
Duration: 60 mins
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Well planned 'playbooks' can improve productivity by helping you and your team move through repeat/regular tasks quickly and easily. The gains in productivity often come from reducing the 'thinking time' required for certain tasks and activities, and ensuring all documents and resources are readily accessible. However, playbooks can also become stale tick-box exercises that lose their connection to the big picture, and discourage improvement and iteration once in place. In this session, Liam Hughes will show how mind mapping software can help to plan, manage and maintain playbook documents that remain dynamic, adaptable, and strongly connected to the wider context. Featuring MindManager.
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Liam Hughes
Liam is the Founder of Biggerplate.com, and has been helping people go further with mind mapping since 2008!

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