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Coaching to Clarity with Mind Maps

Date:: 27 July 2023 | 11:15 am - 12:15 pm (EST)
Duration: 60 mins
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Foggy, cloudy, clear... No, this isn't a weather forecast for the next five days. Instead, take a moment to reflect: Have you ever experienced the sensation of a foggy brain, muddled thoughts, or crystal-clear goals and priorities? All of Safa's clients share one thing in common: being overwhelmed by a flood of creative ideas and ambitious goals. The remedy? Mind Mapping. In this webinar, Safa Mahjoub will be delving into the fascinating world of Mind Mapping — a remarkable mental literacy tool. She will share how it can help mental health professionals and coaches assist their patients and clients, find clarity, break free from mental ruts, and unlock their full brain potential. She will also illustrate that mind mapping is equally beneficial for your own self-care. Featuring iMindMap
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Safa Mahjoub
Safa Mahjoub is the dynamic founder and CEO of Rise and Care Mothers, LLC. Wearing multiple hats, she is a dedicated mom of two, an entrepreneur, an artist crafter, a speaker, and a thought leader. Transitioning from a 15-year research and academia career in chemistry and environmental engineering, she embarked on a journey of motherhood, self-development, and rediscovering her passion for art. Safa's purpose lies in coaching, training, and advocating for women and mothers' mental wellness and literacy, addressing identity crises and the delicate balance between self-accomplishment, career, self-care, and family. Through Rise and Care Mothers, LLC, she empowers professional women and mothers to find joy and fulfillment by nurturing their mind, body, and spirit using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), positive psychology, and mind mapping techniques. Safa is a certified adult and youth mental health first aider and a Tony Buzan Licensed Mind Mapping Instructor with expertise in creativity, innovation, and personal strategic alignment. She is passionate about connecting with moms, listening to their stories, and helping them overcome challenges. With a love for reading, nature, neuroscience, and positive psychology, Safa embraces change and thrives on challenges.

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