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Twelve Agile Principles
yohan 20 May 2018
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MindMapper Map
This map is an overview about product owners, their work and role understanding from the most popular agile sources. If you want to understand more ab…
patrick_sauerwein 29 April 2018
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XMind Map
Are you an Agile development shop. If you are here is a Sprint Planning Meeting map template, ready for you to download and use.
conceptdraw 11 September 2012
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ConceptDraw Map
TOP 8 - Mythos Agile
twmindmaper 24 November 2016
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iThoughts Map
This sample map is an example of a Sales account map. This map allows you to focus on the key players within an account, their roles and responsibilit…
mindgenius 25 February 2013
28% match
MindGenius Map
To be used by the Account manager, this template can be used to map out a customer account to help develop the best solution to fit the customer’s nee…
mindgenius 26 February 2013
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MindGenius Map
Learn about the mind map training services available from Biggerplate!
biggerplate 24 January 2012
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MindManager Map
Michelle Mapman has written a wonderfully informative book on mindmapping. This is one of those books that makes mindmapping accessible to anyone. …
cbrown 20 August 2013
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MindManager Map
Basic guideline of mind mapping technique.
simtech 20 October 2016
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MindMapper Map
Timeline to provide historical context for software manifestos surrounding the Agile Manifesto
cfsolomon 14 July 2011
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MindManager Map
My Notes from various sources on the theories of software Development using Agile
gopu44 01 February 2012
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XMind Map
Notes - Scrum (Agile Software Development)
pollif 24 April 2012
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MindManager Map


Setting goals for a new year can be exciting and energising, but often we jump into goal setting without taking time to reflect on the year just gone,…
Liam Hughes 09 December 2021
Do you feel like the goals you set often don’t align with your true personal and professional aspirations? Do you ever set big goals, only to find tha…
Hilary Grosskopf 09 December 2021
In this session, time management author, speaker, and coach, Garland Coulson “Captain Time” shows you how to use mind mapping to create your professio…
Garland Coulson 09 December 2021
Join this Biggerplate webinar to learn how you can use MindMeister to create a central 'control room' for all the projects, tasks, and to-dos in your …
Liam Hughes 12 January 2022
Join this live webinar to learn how mind mapping with MindMeister can help students of all ages with note-taking, knowledge building, written assignme…
Liam Hughes 26 January 2022
Learning a new language involves listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar, and new vocabulary. In this session, Tuba Kizilkan (Turkey) will s…
Tuba Kızılkan 14 January 2022
Arabic is a very difficult language for so many people because the concept of reading and writing is quite different from the concept of speaking whic…
Juliana Khalil 14 January 2022
Take control of your projects and productivity with help from mind mapping! Join this Biggerplate Connect event to learn tips, tricks and techniques …
Biggerplate Connect 24 February 2022
See how mind mapping is being used in education around the world! Whether you're a teacher, student, parent, or just curious about the use of mind map…
Biggerplate Connect 31 March 2022
Creativity and Innovation are recognised as vital elements for surviving and thriving in our fast changing world. Join our speakers from around the wo…
Biggerplate Connect 29 April 2022
Sales and Marketing are becoming increasingly complex and fast moving activities. Join our line up of expert speakers to explore how mind mapping can …
Biggerplate Connect 27 May 2022
ReadWriteMap returns after the outstanding success of the previous event when our panel of experts covered everything to do with the intersection of r…
Biggerplate Connect 30 June 2022
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Mind Mapping for Projects & Productivity
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Mind Mapping in Education
See how mind mapping is being used in education around the world! Whether you're a teacher, student,…
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