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This is Japanese version of a simple mind map about Biggerplate created to make a nice looking background for our YouTube channel! (…
iMindMap 20 May 2011
100% match
iMindMap Map
This mind map shares with you the four main objectives for the mind map library in 2012. Help us to reach our goals by sharing your …
biggerplate 01 November 2011
95% match
MindManager Map
You can now share MindMeister maps on the mind map library! Simply look for the 'share' option within your MindMeister account…
biggerplate 28 January 2015
92% match
MindMeister Map
This is the mind map used by Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes during the monthly Town Hall Hangout online in November 2014. During the call, Liam discu…
biggerplate 04 November 2014
87% match
MindManager Map
A simple mind map about Biggerplate created to make a nice looking background for our YouTube channel! (
LiamHughes 04 May 2011
57% match
iMindMap Map
This mind map was used to deliver a seminar about mind mapping to a small group at the City Business Library in London on July 6th 2012. We covered …
LiamHughes 16 July 2012
51% match
MindManager Map
This is a (slightly adapted) mind map that we created at the start of 2011 to outline some of our basic goals for Biggerplate. We have been constantly…
biggerplate 14 October 2011
46% match
MindManager Map
map can be use as personal BiggerPlate library ( with contextual links to interesting mind maps, shared on
wojciechkorsak 06 March 2011
43% match
MindManager Map
This is my version of the mindmanager map in the library.
lcoppenrath 02 January 2013
37% match
XMind Map
The map of objects which are available in Electrical Engineering library, Rotating Equipment - ConceptDraw PRO v10
KlausG 02 September 2014
37% match
ConceptDraw Map
This is a map of elements you may find in ConceptDraw PRO Engineering Valve LIbrary
KlausG 20 August 2014
37% match
ConceptDraw Map
Vic's Picks - map with hyperlinks to visual software info. Vic's Picks is a LARGE software library.
wojciechkorsak 09 November 2010
33% match
MindManager Map


Liam has used mind mapping in his work consulting, coaching and training with leaders since he founded Biggerplate in 2008. During this session he wil…
Liam Hughes 27 October 2022
100% match
Graham has used mind mapping in his work with managers in global organisations, charities and small to medium sized businesses. During this session he…
Graham Hughes 27 October 2022
100% match
Where do you want to take your career? Are you trying to pivot to a new role? Sheng Huang will show you how to use MindMaps to showcase your talents, …
Sheng Huang 15 December 2022
In this session Juan Carlos Abella will identify how Mind Maps are the perfect tool for creating a Life Plan and being able to bring it to life in the…
Juan Carlos Abella 15 December 2022
During this session Dr Subra Mukherjee will explore 4 focus areas of life: Clarity, Organisation, Creativity and Productivity (COCP). Featuring MindMe…
Dr Subra Mukherjee 15 December 2022
Strategic planning is an opportunity to build a shared future. It requires imagination, creativity and insight to ensure the thinking and implementati…
Jerry Mings 19 January 2023
"Strategic planning" is a contradiction in terms. Strategies and plans are very different things, and a plan is not a substitute for a strategy. In th…
Nick Duffill 19 January 2023
Mind mapping software allows users to brainstorm and visualize ideas quickly and easily. Using mind mapping, a Program Manager can more effectively se…
Jim Franklin 16 February 2023
Well planned 'playbooks' can improve productivity by helping you and your team move through repeat/regular tasks quickly and easily. The gains in prod…
Liam Hughes 16 February 2023
Sheng Huang will explore 6 key questions to map out when beginning new projects. Join this session to learn how to methodically turn your ideas into a…
Sheng Huang 16 February 2023
Coaching and facilitating are at the heart of individual and team performance improvement. Join our expert speakers to explore how mind mapping enable…
Biggerplate Connect 27 July 2023
ReadWriteMap returns after the outstanding success of previous events when our member experts explored everything to do with the intersection of readi…
Biggerplate Connect 31 August 2023
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Get Started with MindManager
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