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biggerplate 24 January 2012
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MindManager Map
This mind map was captured live during a session at Base Birmingham in 2013, where the focus was driving "Energy innovations at scale" Fo…
BaseCities 01 October 2013
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MindManager Map
This is the mind map Philippe shared during his presentation at Biggerplate Connect: Mind Mapping for Creativity & Innovation on 29 April 22. It h…
biggerplate 01 May 2022
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MindManager Map
This map contains facilitative questions created by Sharon Drew Morgen specifically to help you begin the process of change and innovation decision-ma…
mindgenius 12 March 2013
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MindGenius Map
A mind map created in imind map as I watched a video presentation by Paul Sloane (UK based innovation expert); his views on what the keys to innovatio…
nialljd 11 February 2012
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iMindMap Map
One of the interesting applications of mind mapping, is live, realtime, mapping of conferences, TED talks, brainstorms or meetings. How to accurately …
mastermindmaps 09 May 2013
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iMindMap Map
In short the interactive webinar is about how mind mapping can be used in business, how it can make the difference, how it can add value and what the …
mastermindmaps 31 May 2016
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iMindQ Map
an iThoughts mind map for evaluating the health of an organisation (regardless of size) based on systems thinking (inter-connected elements) and class…
ithoughts 29 December 2015
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iThoughts Map
Sur un seul document, vous pouvez grâce au Mind Mapping définir et implémenter un projet : Qui ? Quoi ? Où ? Quand ? Comment ? Pou…
Signos 17 February 2012
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MindManager Map
Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping within Education As a teaching or training professional have you ever considered just how many uses can be found…
Puzzlebox 16 May 2011
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iMindMap Map
These are my notes on Chuck Frey's excellent new book "Up Your Impact". The book provides 52 strategies for adding value at work, and is …
LiamHughes 26 June 2012
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MindManager Map
The Mind Map summarises the meeting topics where all Mind Maps can be used. If you are looking for Mind Map templates which can be used in Meetings re…
ManeeshDutt 13 December 2021
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iMindMap Map


Philippe and Graham will discuss and share innovative and inspiring examples of how people have used mind mapping to enhance and enable visual thinkin…
Philippe Boukobza 29 April 2022
100% match
A scientist and corporate Executive turned Business Consultant, Marco has worked with startups, established Corporations and Institutions to forge a n…
Marco Ossani 29 April 2022
95% match
Being creative can be learned. Selecting the right idea from many is no longer so easy. Mind maps are a practical and helpful tool in all phases of id…
Andreas Lercher 29 April 2022
78% match
Based on his work with corporations and universities, Daniel will explore the future of work and the new skills and tools that are vital for creativit…
Daniel Lança Perdigão 29 April 2022
72% match
As an experienced account manager in a global business working in enterprise sales, Colin has integrated mind mapping techniques into his sales work f…
Colin Murphy 27 May 2022
In today's digital world, social selling is more important than ever. But what is social selling, and how can mind maps help you do it? This session w…
Tony Hackett 27 May 2022
Mind mapping ignites and organizes your thought-leadership; podcasting brings it to life. In this session, Kirk Lowe shares why he thinks mind mapping…
Kirk Lowe 27 May 2022
In this session Liam will explore a practical set of reusable mind map templates to support essential marketing activities, including campaign and con…
Liam Hughes 27 May 2022
Stuart shares methods for using mind mapping and other visual thinking approaches as part of a comprehensive approach for sales and account management…
Stuart Miller 27 May 2022
Kenny Elphick is a veteran of both sales and mind mapping. In this session, he will share real world examples of how he has applied mind mapping to sa…
Kenny Elphick 27 May 2022
Based on his book “Live Life Colorfully” Maneesh Dutt will cover how Mind Maps helped the author pen the book and step by step instructions on how to …
Maneesh Dutt 30 June 2022
Brainstorming, planning and executing a big writing project can be quite intimidating. But mind mapping software, combined with the right process, can…
Chuck Frey 30 June 2022
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