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I made this mindmap for the purpose of choosing the most appealing career path by mapping out desirable choices, education and skills.
anzy.snp 07 April 2010
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MindManager Map
TPAssist My Life Template for organising what's important - 3 of 8 NOTE: This map is one of a series, download them all to the same directory…
tpassist 13 June 2016
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MindManager Map
A list of things not to miss on when planning your career
imindq 30 July 2013
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iMindQ Map
Risk profiling is an important factor for visualization of Risk
rajiv 04 October 2023
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Xmind Map
Whether you are an employee or an employer, this template for Performance Coaching will make the process quicker and more rewarding for tailored caree…
iMindMap 27 April 2011
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iMindMap Map
Take control of your Career Development with this Map which helps you to identify opportunities and define your professional goals.
iMindMap 28 April 2011
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iMindMap Map
A map of my emerging organization that will provide peer to peer supports to people with disabilities and those seeking to reinvent or develop their 2…
CaroleLC3 22 May 2016
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Xmind Map
Learn how to prepare for an interview using a mind map. In this map, you'll learn an effective structure to prepare for an interview, the key imp…
amakar 04 October 2020
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MindManager Map
Use this MindView Career Mapping Template to capture and develop ideas and ambitions for your career. Consider where you are today, including your own…
biggerplate 09 May 2023
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MindView Map
Use this Career Mapping Template to capture and develop ideas and ambitions for your career using MindMeister to mind map where you are today, includi…
biggerplate 16 November 2023
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MindMeister Map
Use this Career Mapping Template to capture and develop ideas and ambitions for your career. Work clockwise around the SimpleMind template to consider…
biggerplate 10 November 2023
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SimpleMind Map
This mind map contains a set of powerful action words that will help you to add greater punch and impact to your resume. It's based on an excellen…
electroman 23 June 2014
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MindManager Map


Join this live webinar to learn how mind mapping with MindManager can help you review your current career position, explore and research possibilities…
Liam Hughes 13 October 2021
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Chance Brown (Director of Talent Development and Diversity & Inclusion at SPX Technologies) provides an overview of the mind mapping process used for …
Chance Brown 27 October 2023
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In this session Sahar explores what Learning and Development means in practice and the use of mind mapping in general talent development as well as fo…
Sahar Samy 27 October 2023
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In this webinar Toyer Mamoojee will share how he uses Mind Maps in the Software Development world. Software Testing is crucial in establishing a high …
Toyer Mamoojee 31 July 2018
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Juliana will show how mind mapping is a great tool for reviewing the eight elements of the wheel of life (finance, personal growth, health, family, re…
Juliana Khalil 15 September 2020
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Where do you want to take your career? Are you trying to pivot to a new role? Sheng Huang will show you how to use MindMaps to showcase your talents, …
Sheng Huang 15 December 2022
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Facilitation is the unique opportunity to work with a client, identify a group, and build a plan that will enable the group to find a new opportunity,…
Jerry Mings 01 December 2020
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Ignite your creativity for the new year with this eye-opening, inspiring webinar on creative thinking and mind mapping. Find fresh, creative approach…
Nina Pearse & Celia Falkenberg 12 January 2021
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Graham Hughes (Co-Founder: Biggerplate) shares a case study showing how mind maps are used to plan, manage and implement an integrated learning and de…
Graham Hughes 27 October 2023
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Coaching is a goal and solution oriented process. Causes and backgrounds need to be illuminated, the focus is on the development of the coachee. For t…
Andreas Lercher 30 September 2022
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Colin will share how he is using mind maps to develop, build and maintain relationships over long periods (up to 3 years) with major global organisati…
Colin Murphy 11 February 2020
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Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes will share his approach for goal setting using mind maps! Whether you're doing some personal goal mind mapping, or set…
Liam Hughes 08 January 2020
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