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Law/Business Case template. MindJet map for taking deposition in California divorce case.
jharding 05 January 2014
100% match
MindManager Map
The Practice Manager or Senior Partner will want to look at the elements of this Mindmap as it will assist you and prompt you to consider where your f…
TheBusinessDoctor 31 August 2015
91% match
MindManager Map
A template for quality teams to plan out their test cases.
michaeldeutch 05 February 2015
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MindManager Map
This project management checklist mind map helps you check the justification for your project and so generate the basis for a sound Business Case.
BarneyHughes 04 September 2015
74% match
Xmind Map
During 1998 I completed the ECB's Level One Cricket Coaching course. This map links to further maps stored on my PC, some of which you will find on Bi…
ajwilcox 11 March 2011
73% match
MindManager Map
Usually sales offers are presented as textual descriptions. Here is an example of an offer using a mind map. It's the actual offer of Apple regar…
iNotesFourYou 07 April 2013
64% match
MindManager Map
Glossary of project management terms and definitions, covering the letters A-C.
mindgenius 06 February 2015
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MindGenius Map
This mind map serves as a tool to educate onboarders as a template to fill in during a murder case (or lijkvinding) a dashboard for the team leader a …
jerre 01 December 2014
64% match
MindManager Map
This MindGenius mind map outlines the 7 key themes of the PRINCE2 approach for Project Management.
mindgenius 24 December 2014
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MindGenius Map
This mind map contains information about 10 mind maps on Biggerplate that are useful for marketing.
biggerplate 29 March 2011
63% match
MindManager Map
Use this PESTLE analysis template mind map to help you brainstorm the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental factors aff…
biggerplate 07 January 2021
63% match
SimpleMind Map
This mind map shows a way one can document use-case scenarios as test cases and then use the Microsoft Word export feature to auto document the test c…
kingtermite 17 October 2011
59% match
MindManager Map


Clients, the court and law schools should expect professional and student lawyers to rapidly recall key principles of law. Too few lawyers know how to…
Brian Ahearne 09 September 2022
100% match
Administrative judge Richard W. Vitaris will present how to use mind mapping to analyze legal issues, prepare for litigation, better understand comple…
Rich Vitaris 03 November 2017
98% match
Retired Judge Richard Vitaris shows you how to best use mind maps in preparing for and winning your case. Rich explores the use of mind mapping for Ca…
Rich Vitaris 09 September 2022
57% match
Graham Hughes (Co-Founder: Biggerplate) shares a case study showing how mind maps are used to plan, manage and implement an integrated learning and de…
Graham Hughes 27 October 2023
53% match
In this webinar Toyer Mamoojee will share how he uses Mind Maps in the Software Development world. Software Testing is crucial in establishing a high …
Toyer Mamoojee 31 July 2018
44% match
In this Biggerplate PRO webinar, Surbhi Mahnot will show you how to get started with user cases, user stories and UML diagrams with mind mapped requir…
Surbhi Mahnot 05 July 2017
41% match
This webinar will explore ways in which mind maps can be applied to different stages of the litigation process from case analysis to negotiation settl…
Magnus Boyd 20 July 2020
41% match
Parties use alternative dispute resolution to resolve legal disputes and courts may even order litigants to participate in mediation. ADR pros can use…
Rich Vitaris 01 September 2020
41% match
Mind mapping software allows users to brainstorm and visualize ideas quickly and easily. Using mind mapping, a Program Manager can more effectively se…
Jim Franklin 16 February 2023
41% match
Tatiana will explore the many applications of mind mapping in the virtual learning arena. She will share a selection of case studies showing how she u…
Tatiana Torres 31 March 2022
41% match
For years, visual thinking tools could be neatly divided into three categories: mind mapping, concept mapping and diagramming. But that's no longer th…
Chuck Frey 25 May 2023
41% match
Philippe and Graham will discuss and share innovative and inspiring examples of how people have used mind mapping to enhance and enable visual thinkin…
Philippe Boukobza 29 April 2022
24% match
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