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quick overview based on wikipedia
wojciechkorsak 05 June 2016
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iMindQ Map
Learning to Mind Map as an application of Bloom's Psychomotor Domain. Details can be found here:…
UsingMindMaps 28 November 2011
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iMindMap Map
The map contains information (description, price, websites) of 33 add-ins for MindManager.
palmaross 19 January 2015
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MindManager Map
This Map depicts one of our views on "planning for success" in project work and project management in general.
mindgenius 25 February 2014
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MindGenius Map
A Full blown English learning programme for people who need business english but english is not their first language
Graham0921 02 August 2014
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MindGenius Map
If you're thinking of creating a referral program to grow your business, take a look at this map first to see how others are doing it!
Mindmeister 09 December 2015
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MindMeister Map
The advantages of maintaining a Programme or Project Blueprint are that it provides: - a living summary of high level requirements expressed in ter…
steverothwell 03 January 2012
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MindGenius Map
The advantages of maintaining a Programme or Project Blueprint are that it provides: - a living summary of high level requirements expressed in te…
steverothwell 03 January 2012
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MindManager Map
The Punic Wars ushered in the real age of Roman domination of the Mediterranean.
scottmaximus 30 June 2011
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XMind Map
quick overview of ConceptDraw Project software
wojciechkorsak 23 December 2014
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ConceptDraw Map
Outline of the key differences between project management and change management.
mindgenius 15 January 2015
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MindGenius Map
Live-Mapping: Die Microsoft Office Programme am iPad. Wie das funktioniert hat Haider Shnawa bei der Wissensrunde in Wien gezeigt.
lerchertrain 28 May 2014
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MindManager Map


This webinar will demonstrate how mind maps can help to reflect about a program before writing the first line of code. Join this webinar and learn how…
Alexis Van Espen 15 November 2017
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Mind mapping software allows users to brainstorm and visualize ideas quickly and easily. Using mind mapping, a Program Manager can more effectively se…
Jim Franklin 16 February 2023
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"Strategic planning" is a contradiction in terms. Strategies and plans are very different things, and a plan is not a substitute for a strategy. In th…
Nick Duffill 19 January 2023
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Artificial Intelligence is poised to have a major impact on many areas of business. Chuck Frey from the Mind Mapping Software Blog believes it will ra…
Chuck Frey 16 July 2018
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Join this webinar to find out how to apply mind mapping and conduct a coaching session with impact. Support your coachee to see their bigger picture,…
Liz Oseland 15 April 2019
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Join this Biggerplate webinar to learn about the numerous ways that MindMeister can help business founders and startup teams to brainstorm, plan, proj…
Liam Hughes 19 January 2022
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This is the second of three webinars (Part 1 recording available in Biggerplate PRO Webinar archive) exploring the benefits and advantages of using mi…
Markus Kopko 05 March 2019
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This is the first of three webinars exploring the benefits and advantages of using mind mapping to manage project management processes. In this webina…
Markus Kopko 22 January 2019
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I will share my story about how Mind Mapping powerfully changed my life. It proved to be an invaluable tool to help me decide who I am and what I desi…
John Diggs 08 July 2021
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This is the third of three webinars (Sessions 1 & 2 recordings available in Webinar archive) exploring the benefits and advantages of using mind mapp…
Markus Kopko 12 May 2019
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A software engineer's view on using a network of linked mind maps as mental leverage for personal planning, learning, reflection and memory organizati…
Antti Halla 25 June 2018
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During this webinar Teg will cover, how to set up the Kanban feature in MindManager 2019, including your personalized board, creating icon groups for …
Tegid Griffiths 14 January 2020
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