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Have a look at our article for a process to Learn Shakespeare's plays on our website:
UsingMindMaps 10 January 2012
100% match
Xmind Map
GCSE English Literature mind map looking at the plot of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
BarneyHughes 06 August 2013
61% match
iMindQ Map
Use this mind mind map to build out your own reading notes for this essential business book, by Jim Collins.
biggerplate 14 April 2015
51% match
MindMeister Map
The Great Gatsby for XMind 8 template.
VenusLian 08 February 2017
46% match
Xmind Map
Since setting up Biggerplate in 2007, I have read many books to try and equip myself with the necessary knowledge to make a success of this venture. …
LiamHughes 11 February 2011
39% match
MindManager Map
Synopsis of Section III for Class X, Orthodox Syrian Sunday School
sancher 05 August 2011
39% match
Xmind Map
Learning to Mind Map as an application of Bloom's Psychomotor Domain. Details can be found here:…
UsingMindMaps 28 November 2011
38% match
iMindMap Map
Use this template to analyse the effects of major events in a text on character development, plot development, reader and theme.
inspirationsoftware 21 December 2020
34% match
Inspiration Map
Quarter Circle Plot - Topics automatically adjust their size based on their location.
MindManager 11 May 2022
34% match
MindManager Map
Quarter Onion Plot - Topics automatically adjust their color based on their location.
MindManager 11 May 2022
34% match
MindManager Map
Summary map of Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath. A must-read for practically anybody who wants to make great decisions.
yohan 11 November 2020
32% match
MindMapper Map
I decided to grow vegetables this year but I have a pocket-handkerchief sized garden so I decided to used a Mind Map to organize where to plant the ve…
lornafdoone 06 May 2011
31% match
iMindMap Map


Especially during this challenging year, personal journaling is a great practice for health and mindfulness. In this session with Hilary Grosskopf, a …
Hilary Grosskopf 17 November 2020
100% match
Deirdre will show how you can use a mind map to plan and structure written work, exporting it to a word processor, then use speech-to-text software to…
Deirdre Madden 31 March 2022
63% match
Liam shares his experiments in using mind mapping to support active reading of books and other written materials. Liam shows how mind mapping helps hi…
Liam Hughes 31 August 2023
63% match
Andreas has written books showing how to use MindManager mind mapping software to best visualize and share ideas and information. In this webinar he w…
Andreas Lercher 17 November 2020
59% match
This closing session will draw ReadWriteMap to an end, and give us a final chance to remind you of the great content shared through the day, including…
Liam & Graham Hughes 17 November 2020
55% match
Whether you are preparing a video recording or live webinar, mind maps are a great tool for brainstorming, organizing and presenting content. In this …
Alexis van Dam 12 August 2021
55% match
Mind Maps are great for brainstorming and visualizing an idea and creating the definition of a project. However, the challenge is how to transition t…
Stuart Miller 20 February 2019
55% match
This webinar will explore ways in which mind maps can be applied to different stages of the litigation process from case analysis to negotiation settl…
Magnus Boyd 20 July 2020
55% match
Juliana will show how mind mapping is a great tool for reviewing the eight elements of the wheel of life (finance, personal growth, health, family, re…
Juliana Khalil 15 September 2020
55% match
In this webinar, Mike Schmitz ( will show how he uses mind mapping software to take notes and create mind map summaries of the books…
Mike Schmitz 17 November 2020
45% match
In this Biggerplate PRO webinar, Danny Forest will show his 3 favourite ways that mind mapping helps with writing! Danny will show how he uses mind ma…
Danny Forest 17 November 2020
45% match
In this webinar, author Jamie Nast will discuss how mind mapping enabled her in writing her book Idea Mapping (How to Access Your Hidden Brain Power, …
Jamie Nast 17 November 2020
45% match
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