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Having a life, in which you don't remember what happened yesterday???? Not having a glimpse of what is there in the plate for the future??? Th…
QGethian 06 July 2013
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Xmind Map
"...children should first be taught the art of drawing before learning how to write. ...and let him learn handwriting only after he has learnt to…
mayavi2 15 August 2011
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This is a summary of HBR article Overcome the Eight Barriers to Confidence by Rosabeth Moss Kanter
tfahmy666 05 January 2014
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Child abuse and neglect (CAN), also known as child maltreatment, affects children’s development and learning. As professionals who support children an…
Graham0921 27 July 2019
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If presentations are an important part of your life--whether you're presenting keynote speeches for corporate audiences, in-house presentations fo…
Roger_C_Parker 14 June 2014
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Learn the 7 secret silent career killers that you may be committing at your corporate job without your knowledge. It's not about working hard or smart…
prolificliving 13 May 2013
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John Medina's Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School
MountainDan 17 August 2011
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Urgent and Important Tasks Urgent but Not Important Tasks Not Urgent but Important Tasks Not Urgent and Not Important Tasks
silenthillpsp 01 April 2014
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An example of how Mind Maps can be used for managing projects better. If you are looking for more such templates & detailed instructions on how to…
ManeeshDutt 20 November 2021
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Weapon of reciprocation from the book Influence by Robert B. Cialdini.
simtech 20 November 2016
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A Summary of integration rules needed for the NSW HSC MAthematics course
shnilly 27 December 2013
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My mind map about mind mapping
zMRAZowana 21 June 2013
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In this webinar Sean will detail how he used mind maps to plan, write, publish and promote his book “The Goal That United Canada”. If you’re a hockey …
Sean Mitton 01 October 2019
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Wealth care is not an event, it is a process. Russ Thornton will share how he uses mind maps to identify priorities (which can and will change through…
Russ Thornton 28 July 2022
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Coaching is a goal and solution oriented process. Causes and backgrounds need to be illuminated, the focus is on the development of the coachee. For t…
Andreas Lercher 30 September 2022
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"Strategic planning" is a contradiction in terms. Strategies and plans are very different things, and a plan is not a substitute for a strategy. In th…
Nick Duffill 19 January 2023
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Of the many "to-be authors", there are some who have a book idea in their mind which one fine day they plan to transform into a manuscript. There are …
Maneesh Dutt 17 November 2020
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Do you feel like the goals you set often don’t align with your true personal and professional aspirations? Do you ever set big goals, only to find tha…
Hilary Grosskopf 09 December 2021
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In this session Susan Gregory asks: what habit would you like to change, that would make a real difference in your life? Most of our behaviour happens…
Susan Gregory 13 October 2020
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Traditional teaching/learning tools and methods do not suit all learners in the same way. For students who learn differently because of a disability/l…
Deirdre Madden 08 June 2020
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Ever had the challenges in a dialogue, where things started to get tense? Jens Brinch Moeller shares how mind mapping can enable people to be creative…
Jens Brinch Moeller 27 July 2023
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Live mind mapping help from the Founder of Biggerplate - exclusively for Biggerplate Plus and Pro members in Europe, Middle East, and Africa timezones…
Liam Hughes 21 February 2024
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Based on her 12 years of experience in teaching and mentoring youth, Subra strongly believes in the need to redefine the way the teaching-learning pro…
Dr Subra Mukherjee 31 March 2022
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In this time, when many people work from home, video meetings have become even more important and it is vital to capture what is being shared, discuss…
Alexis van Dam 22 June 2020
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Live mind mapping help from the Founder of Biggerplate - exclusively for Biggerplate Plus and Pro me…
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