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About SimpleMind

With a distinctive visual style all of its own, and applications for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, SimpleMind is an innovative cross-platform mind mapping software well worth exploring!

SimpleMind is developed by SimpleApps, who are based in the Netherlands

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SWOT Analysis Template
SWOT Analysis Template
Use this SimpleMind template mind map to help you get started with your SWOT analysis!
Account Manager Template
Account Manager Template
This SimpleMind template can help you to gather and manager multiple key accounts, client, and projects in one place!
Lessons Learned Template
Lessons Learned Template
This mind map template will help you to conduct a comprehensive 'Lessons Learned' process with SimpleMind after any project, big or small.

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Popular SimpleMind Uses

Learn more about the many ways you can use SimpleMind!

SimpleMind for Projects

View SimpleMind templates and resources to help with Project Management.

SimpleMind for Studying

Mind mapping with SimpleMind can help students of all ages to learn more effectively!

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