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MindManager Templates for Project Management!

View the best MindManager templates and examples for project management shared by our global member community!

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Project Plan Template
This MindManager template is perfect for early stage project planning, and can be used to monitor progress as the project progresses.
Scope Statement Template
Download this free MindManager template to help you construct a complete Scope Statement for your project.
Project Charter Template
Create a comprehensive Project Charter with this MindManager template.
PMBOK Knowledge Areas
Use this helpful MindManager map to learn and improve your understanding of the PMBOK!
Project Management Process
Use this MindManager template to develop the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for your project

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Featured Project Management Webinars

Check out these PRO Webinar recordings to learn more about how MindManager can be used to plan and manage projects!

Advanced Project Management with Mind Maps
Adam Cherrill shows how MindManager can be used to manage real-world, fixed price projects without ever leaving your mind mapping software.
Adam Cherrill
Mind Maps for Planning Consulting Projects
Brian Clark demonstrates the use of MindManager to capture client requirements, develop a consulting plan, and track the execution of the consulting engagement
Brian Clark
Scope and Manage Complex Projects with Mind Maps
Christian Jönsson shows how MindManager helped him step into a new role managing numerous responsibilities and complex projects
Christian Jönsson

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